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Acting for Non-Majors TPP 2185 -

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Acting for Non-Majors TPP 2185 Course Syllabi
GTA Associate: Aixa Méndez Mon/Wed/Friday 10:30-11:20 [email protected] Office hours: Mon/Wed 12-:30-1:00Emergency (only) phone: 321-662-6314Texts are welcomeCOURSE DESCRIPTIONfrom the 2016 Undergraduate Catalog (3 credit hours)Actingfor Non-majors: Introduction to the fundamentals of acting.This course is designed to introduce basic acting techniques.Students will be presented with exercises that help develop self-knowledge, and self-esteem, that encourage participation, discourse, and presence, that build trust and camaraderie, and that nourish their imagination. Course objectives are to develop an experimental understanding of the collaborative nature of acting and to acquire a basic knowledge of the primary acting theories. Be ready to work on monologues and scenes, games and exercises and have fun, although sometimes not that much since the world of the actor is full of struggles and mysteries.“…the communal activity of making plays opens a window on our innermost needs and desires…”– The Publishers ofThe Presence of the Actor.CourseObjectives:By the end of the course the students will…understand the cooperative nature of the actor’s craft,developself-knowledge and self-understanding increasing self-esteem andcapabilities,analyze characters based on their own experience in order to understand thehuman nature,devise personal stories to encouraging participation, discourse, andcollaboration.IMPORTANT INFORMATION:Attendance is mandatory. If you miss one section your grade will be lower by 1 point; two section 2 points; three sections you will fail the course. If you have an emergency, it must be supported by an official document such as a doctor’s note.If you are absent during your group performance, you will no be able tomake-up.
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The assignmentarraignments will be made ONLY for those excused absences. In this case, the group will receive a new set of directions and the group will decide (if) they want to perform another day. The show must go on!Ifan absence from the class is “excused”, the student will not be penalized for missing that class. However, they must make up the work assigned for the day they missed and they must be prepared to participate fully in class exercises or performances upon the day of their return.NOTE:Punctual attendance in class - as for rehearsal calls - is mandatory. You will be given a daily attendance and participation grade that will average into your final grade.THEFOLLOWINGARE CONSIDERED EXCUSED ABSENCES:University functions, including participation in sporting events, teams clubs academic functions, scholarly conferences,Ÿillness that is documented by a doctor’s note,Ÿdeath or serious illness in the immediate family, andŸthe observance of religious holyday.In such casesyou must give notice in writing and hand it in to the instructor no later than two weeks before the date in question. Thenote must includethe dates and names of any religious holydays that you must observe during the course of the semester.CLASS ROOM CONDUCT:Studentsmust follow the university standards for personal and academic conduct as outlined in the Golden Rule.  Students are apprised when they are accepted at the university that they must be aware of and follow these policies of conduct.Violations of student academic behavior standards are outlined inThe Golden Rule, the University of Central Florida’s student handbook. See details.Studentsare expected to behave in a courteous, respectful, and responsible manner at all times in order to maintain a productive learningenvironment.Disruptive behavior in any form will not be tolerated and may be cause for dismissal from the class, removal from the course, or grade penalties.  Pagers, cell phones, electronic devices of any kind, excessive talking, tardiness, leaving early, reading the newspaper,sleeping willnot be allowed in class.Bullying in any way or form is strictly prohibited.*** SeeHTTP:// further details.
Plagiarism-whereby another’s work is deliberately used or appropriated without any indication of the source thereby attempting to convey the impression that such work is the student’s own.  Any student failing to properly credit ideas or materials taken from another source has plagiarized.Cheating-whereby non-permissible written, visual, or oral assistance including that obtained from another student is utilized on exams, course assignments, or projects.  The unauthorized possession or use of examination or course related material shall also constitute cheating. A student who has assisted another in any of the aforementioned breach of standards shall be considered equally culpable.Becauseit is difficult to grade an actor, your grade will be based on academic standards such as aforementioned: attendance, punctuality, participation and commitment to your craft and others. Some examples, but not limited are:Participation in daily assignments and exercises,Ÿassignment deadlines and punctuality,Ÿwillingness and consistency when rehearsing with partners outside of the scheduled class time,Ÿprofessionalism (including attitude toward criticism, respect for fellow classmates, and respect for the process),Ÿdemonstration of active application of the work covered in class.ŸNOTE:Your first unexcused absence will lower your final-grade by one grade, two by two, andyour third unexcused absence may result in a failure of the course.Missing class for participating in a show isNOTa valid excuse, unless you talk to me and it is approved.GRADING SCALE:94-100: A 200 -188 points 90-92.9: A- 187-180 points88-89.9: B+ 179-176 points 83-87.9: B 175-168 points 80-82.9: B- 167-160 points78-79.9: C+ 159-156 points 73-77.9: C 155-148 points 70-72.9: C- 147-140 points68-69.9: D+ 139-136 points 63-67.9: D 135-128 points 60-62.9: D 127-120 points0-59.9: FPOINTS:Attendance (see policy for details)20 pointsConduct (see conduct section for expectations)25 points
Participation (this includes discussions and exercises, etc.) 40pointsMonologues (there will be one monologue) 20pointsScripted Scenes (there will be two scenes) 40pointsFinal Project, Devising a Story 55pointsWear comfortable clothing at all times. Use tennis shoes, preferably. No flip flops, please. It is dangerous.SCHOLARSHIPAND INTEGRITY:UCF faculty members support the UCF Creed. Integrity – practicing and defending academic and personal honesty – is the first tenet of the UCF Creed. This is in part a reflection of the second tenet, Scholarship – honoring learning as a fundamental purpose of membership in the UCF community. Course assignments and tests are designed to have educational value; the process of preparing for and completing these exercises will help improve your skills and knowledge. Material presented to satisfy course requirements is therefore expected to be the result of your own original scholarlyefforts.UCFfaculty members have a responsibility for your education and to the value of a UCF degree; I seek to prevent unethical behavior and when necessary respond to infringements of academic integrity. Penalties can include a failing grade in an assignment or in the course, suspension or expulsion from the university, and/or a “Z Designation” on a student’s official transcript indicating academic dishonesty, where the final grade for this course will be preceded by the letter Z. For more information about the Z Designation, see If you are having trouble completing or handling the assignments in this course, please make an appointment with me as soon as possible. I want to be accessible to you when you need me.COMMUNITY:Community It is my goal that this class be an accessible and welcoming experience for all students, including those with disabilities that may impact learning in this class. If, as currently designed, this course poses barriers to effectively participating or demonstrating learning in this course, please meet with me (with or without a Student Accessibility Services (SAS) accommodation letter) to discuss options or adjustments. You may also contact SAS directly to talk about the resources they provide such as note-takers and other assistance. (Ferrell Commons 185 / 407.823.2371 / [email protected]). You are welcome to talk to me at any point in the semester about course design concerns, but it is always best if we can talk at least one week prior to the need for anymodifications.
“When you move focus from competition to contribution, life becomes a celebration”. Buddha
ProposedCourse Calendar________________________________________________No book is required for this course; however, suggested readings are:The Presence of the Actorby JosephChaikin,A Practical Handbook for the Actorby MelissaBruder, et.all, andThe Art of Actingby Stella Adler, Ed. HowardKissel, and Pref. Marlon Brandon.Final Examison 12 December 2016 from 10:AM to12:50Last day to drop the class is 31 October 2016Thissyllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the educator._______________________________________________________________





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Acting for Non-Majors TPP 2185 -