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API 17 – Subsea Processing Discussion Subsea Integrity ...

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API 17 – Subsea Boosting DiscussionRecommended Practice for Integrity Management,Qualification Requirements, and Referenced Standards
Purposeof discussion:Seek common ground and new insight into issues related to recommended practices for qualification and integrity of subsea boosting equipmentGauge interest in establishing a focused industry group in API committee 17 to address this topicTalking Points:An industry standard RP on subsea boosting should help gain project approvals from regulatory agenciesNeed standard approach to defining risk and required risk mitigation – Hopefully avoid potential barriers to SS boosting project approvalsCan we continue to rely on “due diligence”, or should we have an agreed recommended practice?What does “qualified” mean for SS Processing? Requirements to gain regulatory agency approval? To ensure safety and integrity? Where/how to qualify?Should qualification philosophy be “Test to Success” or “Test to Failure”? Standard guidelines for qualification testing?Qualification: should there be STD simulated fluids, viscosity, temp,gvfand STD output formatCould we use existing SS standards (API 17N,P,O,Q,D, ISO 13628)? – or is a new one needed to clarify?Could other industry standards be utilized? DNV RP A203? Or ??Do (or should?) standards define a “qualified “ system or just a systematic framework for doing things?How have Operators adapted qualification processes to project requirements and timelines?





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API 17 – Subsea Processing Discussion Subsea Integrity ...