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Special Mission Crawler-Transporter

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Food Preservation Challenge
The Science Behind Food PreservationUnit
To design a solar food dehydrator using the materials provided by your teacher and according to the following:Constraint:Volume of dehydrator needs to be: 9216 inches cubedRequirements:Must have an angled surface to collect sunlightMust have a way for air to flowMust have a place to put food on to dryMust have a hatch to put the food through
Learning Goals
You will collect, analyze, and interpret data and you will be able to use this data to make design decisions, specifically for designing a mobilelauncher platform.You will be able to compose detailed sketches of possible designs that effectively communicate the design’s intent and use these sketches to make prototypes and the final product.You will be able to evaluate your preliminary design, and you will be able to design and execute an evaluation plan to evaluate your prototype models.You will know how to predict problems in final production by creating prototype models of your designs.You will know how a team works together in construction, and you will be able to construct your design and evaluate it for the design constraints.
Identify and Define the problem
Restate the purpose of the design challenge.What does the prototype have to do to be successful?
Gather Information
What knowledge is necessary to complete this challenge?
Identify Alternatives
Considerations:Prepare three sketches of possiblesolar food dehydrator designs that meet the constraints.Include rough dimensions.Include notes onconstructionideas.Include a list of building materials you will need
Select the Best Solution
Design a plan for evaluating the prototype (procedure)Evaluate each design in terms of meeting all the requirements and constraints as well as the time/difficulty to implementExplainwhy you choose the model you didGive 3 reasons.Give several complete sentences that gives the teacher enough information to understand your choice.Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation
Select the Best Solution
Designtests to ensure your design is valid, reliable, and possible.Determine how you will record your findings.
Implement Solution
Build a prototype (a working model) of selected designExecutethe designed tests and record the results
Evaluate Solutions
After testing:Evaluate your prototype according to the design constraints , test results and evaluation plan you created.Updateall sketches and drawings to show the results of the prototype testing.
Modify prototype ifneeded or build a new prototypeand re-test. Continue refining until the design is ready for the challenge.Be sure to document any changes
Complete Challenge
Communicate Solution
Presentyour solar food dehydratorto the class.Presentation mustinclude:Adisplay which explains their findings and explains the choices they made using the evaluation plan created earlier in unit and the challenges they faced.The results of scorecard.Thedisplay can be a poster, PowerPoint,Prezior medium of choice approved by teacher.





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Special Mission Crawler-Transporter