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Southwest Gas - Western Regional Gas

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Southwest Gas Corporation
WRGCCustomer Service Roundtable Discussion
Employee Safety Issues
Personal Protection Equipment/UniformsUnsafe appliance accessLaddersAtticsRoofsBest PracticesOther
Leak Detection Equipment
Types usedSearchconfirmationHow it is usedInside investigationOutside investigationCarbon MonoxideDo you respond?If so to what extent?If not, who does?Other
Sources of ignition within proximity of meter/regulatorUtility wall conceptMetersReplacement programsperformance issuesRegulator performance issuesChattering/NoisyOther
Leak Detection
Gas leaks are detected by using one or more of the following methods:Senses: seeing, hearing, smellingSoap bubble testMeter clock/drop testPressure testsApproved electronic leakage detection equipmentConfirmation instrumentsSearch instruments
Service Levels
To what extentLight appliances and check for proper operationService appliancesIdentify code violationsSoft off programBenefitsPitfallsTypical wait time for servicedo specific order types take precedenceService chargestypesOther
Illegal Usage/Energy diversion
Problems identifiedActions takenSpecial locks usedBest practicesOther
Quality Control
TypesField ridesFollow up after technicianFrequencyOther
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Southwest Gas - Western Regional Gas