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Special education boot camp
Learning objectives
Understand the role of general education teachersAwareness of acronyms; aka “alphabet soup”Awareness of how the process works in schools when questions ariseUnderstand how core instruction is the base for any MTSS workAwareness of behavior plans, systems & rules
Your role
An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is how a district provides a Free, Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)All students are general education students first!You are the highly qualified teacher for core instruction!
Your role with paraprofessionals
Be careful what you wish for!Professional Learning Community model:1. What is it that we want students to know?2. How will we know if they know it?3. What do we do if they don’t know it?4. What will we do if they know it?Who is most qualified to re-teach when students do not know the content?
IEP & FAPEASD – Autism Spectrum DisorderCI – Cognitive ImpairmentEI – Emotional ImpairmentHI – Hearing ImpairmentPOHI – Physical or Other Health ImpairmentSLD – Specific Learning DisabilityVI – Visually ImpairedMDR – Manifestation Determination ReviewBIP – Behavior Intervention PlanFUBA or FBA – Functional Behavior Analysis
Talking points at meetings so you are not cornered!
Remember the idea of teamwork and know the process for your building!Use words such as:Let me take this to our building team…..We have a process in the building for students when we have specific concerns and the next step is….Let me write down your specific concerns…I will get back with you on (give specific date) as to when we will be meeting…
Building process
Every building calls their student intervention team something different & schedules meetings differently (and different professionals are at the team meetings):Student Assistance TeamGeneral Education Resource TeamBuilding Intervention TeamMonthly scheduled meetingsWeekly scheduled meetingsSpeech Pathologist, Social Worker, Special Ed Teacher, Psychologist, Last year’s teacher, Principal
Generally will get an idea of what’s going onGenerally will get an idea of what has worked, what has not workedMay give strategies for moving forwardWill most definitely want to see your data!Will schedule a follow-up to:Fill out the REED (Review of Existing Evaluation Data)Determine a course of action
After that meeting
Call the parent!Get your “ducks in a row”This means collect your dataBehavior tally sheetsKinds of assignments that aren’t completedAcademic assessment data: writing samplesDocument what you’re doingDocument how “student” is responding to interventionsWhy? So you can help fill out the REEDAsk for people to come in your room to observe
Core instruction
Anita Archer’s “Explicit Instruction”“Classroom InstructionThat Works”MTSS – Universal for everyone in your classroom:Behavior process, procedures: model, practice, give feedback to studentsIntensive instruction is good for everyone!What do multi-tiered systems of support look like in your classroom—this is not up to someone else to design!
Behavior is the most common issue with beginning teachers
Take time to practice your routines—you need to go slow to go fast!If you are in an urban setting, you must understand culture and adjust your style to match that of your student/family expectations. Be direct, be explicit!“Flipping your card” does not work—there is no incentive for a student to earn their way back. Collectivist vs. Individualist family styles.Most of this is not “special education” – may be trauma, homelessness, abuse, poverty
Can I suspend special education students?
Yes and NoAllowed 10 school days in any given school yearFollowing due process?Following IEP?Evidence of positive behavior support for all students?Manifestation Determination Reviews (MDRs)Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs)Functional Behavior Assessments (FuBAs)Need permission to conduct if this is not completed for every student
Met paperwork
The MET is when everyone gets together to compare their data and make a recommendation for eligibilityMET forms generally require:Parent information formTeacher observation formsReports that are mandated per REED and METPsychologicalSocial Work – Social HistorySpeech & LanguageTeacher Consultants/Physical Therapist/Occupational Therapist
Importance of IEP
Academic goalsHow are they measured?Show examples of your expectations (high, average, low)What are the standards?Do you start with the end in mind?What is appropriate for the age level?What is reasonable for the particular student?





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Special Education -