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AP Literature East of Eden Poetry_Art Presentation K. Matteson

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AP LiteratureEast of EdenPoetry/Art PresentationK. Matteson
The Sestina
is divided into 6 sestets (six line stanzas) and 1 triplet called anenvoiis usually unrhymed and works by repeating the end words of each line.The envoi contains, in any order, all of the six end-words. The catch is that one has to be buried in each line and another must be at the end of the line.The pattern for repeating the words is like this: (stanza A) 123456, (stanza B) 615243. This 615243 pattern is how each of the "next" stanzas are made.
An Example
Here in this bleak city ofRochester,Where there are twenty-seven words for "snow,"Not all of them polite, the waywardmindBasks in some Yucatan of its ownmaking,Some coppery, sleek lagoon, or cinnamonislandAlive with lemon tints and burnishednatives,And O that we were there. But here thenativesOf this grey, sunless city ofRochesterHave sown whole mines of salt about theirland(Bare ruined Carthage that it is) whilesnowComes down as if The Flood were in themaking.Yet on that ocean Marvell called themindAn ark sets forth which is itself themind,Bound for some pungent green, some shore whose nativesBlend coriander, cayenne, mint in makingRoasts that would gladden the Earl of RochesterWith sinfulness, and melt a polar snow.It might be well to remember that an island
Was blessed heaven once, more than an island,The grand, utopian dream of a noble mind.In that kind climate the mere thought of snowWas but a wedding cake; the youthful natives,Unable to conceive of Rochester,Made love, and were acrobatic in the making.Dream as we may, there is far more to makingDo than some wistful reverie of an island,Especially now when hope lies with the RochesterGas and Electric Co., which doesn't mindSuch profitable weather, while the nativesSink, like Pompeians, under a world of snow.The one thing indisputable here is snow,The single verity of heaven's making,Deeply indifferent to the dreams of the natives,And the torn hoarding-posters of some island.Under our igloo skies the frozen mindHolds to one truth: it is grey, and called Rochester.Noislandfantasy survivesRochester,Where to thenativesdestiny issnowThat is neither to ourmindnor of ourmaking.
Your turn… ;)
Decide upon six words that are your candidates for the words that will repeat. I recommend concrete nouns (e.g., wool, chimney, lozenge, floor) and active verbs (e.g., climbs, opens).On a large blank sheet of paper, write the end words for the first stanza, leaving space to complete the line. Do the same for the second sestet and so on.Now write the stanzas, using the stepping stones provided by the chosen words.The envoi should follow this pattern: 6 52 43 1
Your six words must relate to a theme or major element of East of EdenYour sestina MUST be about a theme from East of Eden, a character, or a symbolic segment of the plot.You must include at lastsixof the following: Metaphor, simile, personification, alliteration, allusion (Be sure to label on the second copy). You may choose additional devices from the poetry device sheet.You must follow the sestina form exactly.You must place your typed poem in the middle of a “word collage” of your 6 words. Your end result will be a piece of poetic art worthy of framing.
The grade…
I will be grading on…the inclusion of the required devices.Your adherence to the sestina formArtistic effort (word collage). I don’t want you to grab a piece of poster board and write your words all over it in pencil and markers. BE CREATIVE. To get full credit in this category, you must exceed my expectations.Your poem’s connection to East of Eden (Is it obvious? It should be!)Your poem’s depth. Surface, “top 40 lyrics” poetry will not earn you full credit.This project will be worth 150 points.





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AP Literature East of Eden Poetry_Art Presentation K. Matteson