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Essentials for Parents of College Students

Essentials for parents of college students
insurance cards
Double-check that your son or daughter has a copy of all appropriate insurance cards, which may include health and auto coverage.
personal checks
Many apartments and on-campus associations prefer to receive checks for payment. But before you send your student off to school with blank checks, be sure to talk them through the basics of balancing a checkbook.
If your student is taking a car to campus, stock it with a flashlight, jumper cables and anything else that might help in case of car trouble.
Jumper cables and auto supplies
72hrs worth of food and water
First aid kit
Jumper cables, flashlight, and flares
Blankets for each person
copies of important documents
You’d be surprised how often students need proof of identification such as:
Birth Certificates
Social Security Cards
keep copies of these stored in a safe deposit box.
Collect supplies to store in your son or daughter’s car or dorm in case of severe weather or other emergencies.
You may want to include a list of:
Important contact information
A weather radio
Basic first aid kit
Sending your student off to college is hectic, but being prepared for the unexpected will make it easier – and give you and your student peace of mind.
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Essentials for Parents of College Students