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New Focusky Presentation

Natural Appeal Area
20.897 Authorized Farms
4.108 Business
Trentino Alto Adige
3.098 Business
84.6 %
15.4 %
Biological Production
Environmental Safety
Consumption Reduction
Elite Market Range
High Expenditure Availability
Not Influenced by Market Fluctuations
Economic Advantages
Despite an high initial investment
the following consumption saving its relevant
High Visibility Guaranteed by Environmental Certifications
Increment in Number of Visitors
Offer Market Sector
Start Up Costs
50% Higher
Certifications Standard
Higher Public Price
Higher Price
Demand Market Sector
18 - 30 Years Old
30 - 50 Years Old
More than 50th
The Higher interest in biological Life Style
is registered in
medium Income
Bracket levels
The percentage of employed workers and freelancer that conduce ecological choice is quiet the same, followed by studentes and last by pensioned not particularly influenced by this new ideology.

Also the Educational level partly influence the choice; people with higher instruction genrally have a more ecological life style than others.
The general expectation about Sustainable Agritourism concern

The close contact with Nature
The possibility to eat biological food
New relaxing experience
Learn about farmer work and bio-dynamic cultivation
Valorization of the territory
The higher number of People believe that a sustainable holiday cost more than a traditional one
Almost the half of interviewed allow to pay an higher price for this new experience, while the other not

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New Focusky Presentation