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Choose a simple, professional lookingcolour, theme, background image and transition between slides.Limitthe content of each slide to a fewplain language bulletpoints with a visual (such as a photo or a map) and expand while you’re presenting.Fontsshould be simple and easy to read from the audience’s viewpoint. Stay away from novelty font.**Delete this slide before presenting**
This PowerPoint template is designed to guide researchers who are presenting their research results to community members, policy makers and media representatives.Please fillout the template to ensure your presentation is easy to understand, interesting and provides the most valuable information to your audience.
Project Title(max 5 words)
If community members were part of the project, encourage them to co-present
Repeat Project Title
Project Description
Use one to three shortpointsin plain languageWhy was the study wasdone?Does this project address any community concerns?Isthe project part of a program? If so, include logo
List three key findings, onepointper bulletHow do the findings relate to the audience?How do the findings relate to thehealthof the environment and/or community?
Who was involved? (include relevant affiliations)Was there community involvement?(please explain)
Use three bullets, onepointperbulletWhat was the purpose of the research project?If possible, include references to the community’s questions and scientific relevance of the project
Wherewas the information gathered?Why and how were the sites chosen?Was the community involved inchoosing sites? Identify sites of community importance.
Howwas the information gathered andanalyzed(eg. methods, equipment)?How was the community involved in collecting/analyzing data (if applicable)?How was local and traditional knowledge included (if applicable)?
Usea maximumoffourto five bullets,one pointper bulletUse one or two slidesWhat are the study results?
Use a second slide if you have additional findingsUsea maximum of fourto fivebulletsOnepointsper bulletExplain how the results link totraditional knowledgeONLYif you directly involvedtraditional knowledgeholders in the process
Use two or three concise bulletsWhy are the resultsimportantto:Community partners?Community livelihoods?Community concerns?
Use two slidesInclude timelinesWhat are the next steps for this study and/or findings?How will the community be involved in next steps (if applicable)?
How do the resultsinformthe overall program or adaptive management strategies?How do the results contribute to other monitoring programs and future research?
Are there any future meetings about the project or the findings?Who can community members contact with questions/comments?Where can additional information be accessed: websites, contact people, copies of reports, etc.?
Howcan the results of the project affect the way we protect/manage land and water (broadly or specifically)?How does the project fit into other ongoing projects/programs in the area?
Acknowledgeany community support you had for the project: time from people or organizations, logistics support, networking assistance, equipment, etc.Give special thanks to community groups and people you worked withList funding sources, if applicable





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