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2014 Safeguarding- Template - Model Safeguarding Flowchart

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A Safeguarding concern is reported, or identified, by someone within the parish oranonymously.Firstly, is the child or adult atIMMEDIATErisk?
If the person is at immediate risk of physicalharm -or needs medicalattention -dial 999 to contact the Ambulance Service and/ orthePolice.Follow any advicegiven.As soon as possible(andwithin24 hrs) follow theprocessin green on the right.
Safeguarding Flowchart:whatto do, by whom and by when(withthanks totheWhite HorseTeam)
If the concern is aboutamemberof theclergy...
If the concern is aboutamemberof thelaity...
Inform the PCC SafeguardingRep,whoMUSTseekadviceon the next steps fromtheDiocesanSafeguardingAdviser,Heather Bland,via 07500 664800 [email protected]
Inform the ParishClergy andthe PCC SafeguardingRep
Formally reportto the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser
Record the concern (who, what, when where, why, how?) within24 hrsof an issuebeingraised, and file it securely in the parishoffice. Senda copy to the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser.
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2014 Safeguarding- Template - Model Safeguarding Flowchart