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Office of Hearings and Appeals - BIA

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Office of Hearings and Appeals
Offices and territories
OHA - Locations
Headquarters – includes Director’s office and IBIAPHD – Albuquerque, NMPHD Field offices – Sacramento, CA; Billings, MT; Rapid City, SD; Oklahoma City, OK; and Twin Cities, MN
OHA – Probate Hearings Division
New Toll free number1-844-667-0464
OHA – Probate Hearings Division
Located in Albuquerque, NMMailing Address: DOI – OHA, P.O. Box 26147, Albuquerque, NM 87125FedexAddress: 1011 Indian School Rd. NW, room 322, Albuquerque, NM 87104Phone Number: 505.563.5330Fax Number: 505.563.5341ProTrac Location: O04
ABQ - Judges
Chief ALJ Judge – Earl J. WaitsALJ – Judge James YellowtailALJ – Judge Richard HinesIPJ – Judge Janet Yazzie
ABQ – Other Staff
Attorney Advisor – MaryDickmanSupervisory Paralegal Specialist – Chris KellyParalegal Specialist –AlyceBecentiParalegal Specialist – Gene CarlParalegal Specialist – Carla PickeringLegal Assistant –WillardineStevens (Dine)Legal Assistant – Andrea Vigil
ABQ – Other Staff (con’t)
Legal Assistant – Debbie RayLegal Assistant – Adan DominguezLegal Assistant – Rebekah MartinezLegal Assistant – Angie KendrickLegal Assistant – Dana Smith
ABQ - Territory
ABQ has a big territory and it includes:The east coast from Maine to Florida and Ohio to Mississippi.Alaska, Wyoming, New Mexico,Arizonia, Colorado, Eastern Nevada, Utah and southern Idaho.We also have the Yakama and Warm Springs reservations
Cases submitted to ABQ
All initial cases,rehearingsandreopeningsfor the territory listed, plus all summary cases.We will also receive cases by transfer from other OHA offices to help with dockets as needed.
The other field officesSacramento
Mailing address: 801 I Street, Room 121, Sacramento, CA 95814Phone number: 916.498.6600Fax Number: 916.498.6409ProTrac location: O10
Sacramento Office
IPJ – Judge John PayneADM – Attorney Decision Maker Janette ElliottAttorney Advisor – Scott FukumotoParalegal Specialist – Fran DavidsonParalegal Specialist – Teresa ChavarriaLegal Assistant – WendyAuldridgeLegal Assistant – StephenDeMoss
Sacramento Office Territory
All of California, Oregon (except for Yakama and Warm Springs) Western Nevada, Washington and Northern Idaho
Billings Office
Mailing Address: 2718 Montana Ave., Suite 300, Billings, MT 59101Phone Number: 406.657.6960Fax Number: 406.657.6966ProTrac Location: O02
Billings Office
ALJ – Judge Robert ChesterIPJ – Judge Albert JonesAttorney Advisor – DianeBonetParalegal Specialist –LaurineUntrauerParalegal Specialist – Jessica AdamsLegal Assistant – JulieBohmLegal Assistant – Amy BlankenshipLegal Assistant –KayLynClifford
Billings Territory
Montana and North Dakota, including the Standing Rock reservation.
Rapid City Office
Mailing Address: 909 Saint Joseph St., Suite 201, Rapid City, SD 57701Phone Number: 605.342.2070Fax Number: 605.342.9511ProTrac Location: O07
Rapid City Office
ALJ – Judge Larry DonovanIPJ – Judge MaryThorstensonAttorney Advisor – Becky VogtParalegal Specialist – TraceyLaherParalegal Specialist – Lisa GoodwinLegal Assistant – CrystalBossertLegal Assistant – Stephanie Haugen–BrownLegal Assistant – SarahJoers
Rapid City Territory
All of South Dakota and Nebraska
Oklahoma City Office
Mailing Address: 215 Dean A McGee Ave., room 820, Oklahoma City, OK 73102Phone Number: 405.231.4896Fax Number: 405.231.5568ProTrac Location: O01
Oklahoma City Office
ALJ – Judge RichardReehAttorney Advisor – VacantADM – Attorney Decision Maker Leah WareParalegal Specialist – Sylvia KiddLegal Assistant – Wendy PetersLegal Assistant – Ezra Atkins
OKC Territory
All of Oklahoma, Texas,Louisianna, Kansas, Arkansas
Twin Cities City Office
Mailing Address: 5600 American Blvd. W, Suite 540, Bloomington, MN 55437Phone Number: 612.725.1849Fax Number: 612.725.1855ProTrac Location: O09
Twin Cities Office
ALJ – Judge Richard HoughIPJ – Judge ThomasPfisterAttorney Advisor –MarloKirchnerLead Paralegal Specialist – ChristineAtheyParalegal Specialist – PamMeinenLegal Assistant – AidaPicardelLegal Assistant – Jean Shaffer
Twin Cities –Terrirtory
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan
Mailing Address: 801 N. Quincy St., 3rdFloor, Arlington, VA 22203Phone Number: 703.235.3816Fax Number: 703.235.3199ProTrac Location: O14
IBIA - Office
Chief Administrative Judge – Judge SteveLinschiedAdministrative Judge – Judge Thomas A.BlaserAdministrative Judge – Judge Robert Hall
IBIA – Officecon’t
Docket Attorney – Sara CostelloAttorney Advisor – Lisa StevensAttorney Advisor –CailanRemediosLegal Assistant – Margo EllisParalegal – PamEichhorn





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Office of Hearings and Appeals - BIA