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Patuxent River Navy Flying ClubMembership BriefingJanuary 10, 2016
John TaylorPresident, PRNFC Board of Directors
Member UpdatesBoard Member ReportsSafetyPresentationAccident Case Study – In Too DeepVFR to IMC – Rod MachadoArrow Engine Operations
Member Updates
New solosNew aircraft check outsIntroduce new membersIntroduce visitors and prospective membersIntroduce instructorsIntroduce mechanics
Maintenance Officer
Requirements:Club MemberMaintenance background“Should be” a PrivatePilot with 200 hours flight timePreferably an Airframe &Powerplant(A&P) MechanicPreferably on Active Duty (our Board percentage is low)Able to attend most Board & Membership meetingsResponsibilitiesSupervise the Club’s maintenance programEnsure airworthy aircraftPro-active approach to fixing discrepanciesResponsible for Club equipment, tool control, record-keepingRemove and restore aircraft from/to flight status
Board Member Reports
Chief Instructor – Ryan PaulSafety – Dave KirkMaintenance – TBD (Maintenance Status Report)Operations – Jerome SamuelFinancial Secretary – Dave RoseSecretary – Philip MockVP – Ron GrimesPresident & IT – John TaylorManager – Joe Dziewit
Safety Presentation
The presentations can be found on YouTube at: contact John Taylor for the video files.
Arrow Operations
Engine tachometer limitsPilot Operating Manual: Green Arc (Normal Operating Range) is 500 to 2100 and 2350 to 2700 RPM, with the Red Arc existing from 2100 to2350STC:“Avoidcontinuous operation below 15 inches manifold pressure between 1950 and 2350 RPM.”Normal operating range (Green Arc): 500 to 2700 RPMRed lights on tachometer not the answer; the STC is.
Arrow Starting Procedures
Starting Procedure from Engine Operating Handbook (abbreviated):Master SW – OnFuelpump – OnThrottle – OpenMixture – Full rich 3 – 5seconds (fuel flow indication)Throttle and Mixture – RetardFuel pump – OffThrottle – ¼ openStarter – EngageMixture – Advance slowly(don’t need to wait until it fires)





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PRNFC slide template