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Continuing Education Credits Vs. Recertification -

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Continuing Education CreditsvsRe-Testing
Updated 3/7/2018
There has been much debate concerning Continuing Education Credits or Units (CEUs) versus recertification by examination as a measure of competency of professionals in infection prevention.The value of the certification has never been in question.However the path to achieving recertification has been highly debated.
Reasons given by a number of infectionpreventionistsfor why they find CEUs appealing are:ConvenienceSaves timeLower costPreparation not requiredEase of use
Let’s examine CEUsversus examinations
CEUs are convenient and time saving
Finding courses or educational sessions that provide CEUs in all aspects of infection prevention is difficult. The IP would be required to take numerous courses, possibly in a variety of modalities (i.e. on computer, off-site lectures).Time will have to be allotted for travel for each event and/or computer session(s).
CEUs cost less than recertification
Courses offering CEU can begin at $150-$200 and increase to $600 per course.Current costof recertificationis$375every 5 years. That is $65.00 per year or $5.40 per month.
CEU preparation and ease of use
Frequently, courses or educational sessions providing CEUs do not require preparation.They also do not assess competency at the completion of the course.
Advantages of re-examination
Once you take the certification examination:You do not have to re-certify for 5 years!!!!No keeping a record of courses taken!No tallying up points to meet criteria!No worry, no fuss!
The CBIC certification examination is a proven method of demonstrating the competency of those individuals who take the exam.The certification examination is not designed to be easy.It is designed to measure the knowledge and the skills of those who take the exam.
Certification in infection control and prevention is viewed by employers and colleagues as an indication of an advanced level of knowledge and of professional growth by the IP.A podcast about this can be found on the Media page
In the CBIC podcast titled “WhyCBIC offersRetesting,Ratherthan CEUs, for Recertification,” September 2015, CEUs and the merits of recertification as a measure of competency are thoroughly explored.
The Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. (CBIC) enlists the services of Prometric, a testing company that provides expertise and ensures CBIC meets the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) standards for accreditation so that they can provide a high quality certification examination.
CEUs:Play a role in the education of the health care professionalAllow healthcare professionals to broaden their knowledge on a variety of subjectsDo not measure competency
Certification in infection control and prevention is a commitment to the profession.Certification and the CIC®designation demonstrate commitment to the profession.
For more information regarding certification, please contact our Executive Office at 414.918.9796 or [email protected]





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Continuing Education Credits Vs. Recertification -