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ASNNA 2017 Census
Intervention, Evaluation, and Reporting ActivitiesMax Young, RD, LDN
Many thanks…
Star Morrison– Regional Coordinator MPROSue Foerster– Director of the ASNNA CensusASNNA Design TeamPamela Bruno, Sue Foerster, Karen Franck, Kimberly Keller, Laura Kettle Khan, Star Morrison, Andrew Naja-Riese, Jini Puma, Marci ScottCensus Pilot TestersPamela Bruno, Sara Beckwith, Carrie Draper, KarenFranck,SarahJones, Laurel Jacobs, Sarah Panken, Jon Perrott, Lauren WheltsoneFNS Regional Coordinators/State AgenciesPamela Griffin (NERO), Veronica Bryant (SERO), Eric Meredith (MWRO), Tara Griep (WRO), Doris Chin (MARO)University of Colorado DenverJulie Atwood and Jini PumaColorado Department of Human ServicesKaren Smith124 SNAP-Ed Agencieswho completed the Census
The Goals
Describe the Objectives of the CensusReview the Highlights of ResultsIdentify Next Steps
Obtainbaselineinfo aboutuse of theFrameworkandagenciesintent to impact, evaluate and reporton the indicators.Describevariations in the intendeduse of the framework byfactors such as type of SIA, region of the country, and years of experience with SNAP-Ed.Understandhowagencies areusing theframework inplanning and setting priorities, working with partners, communicating results, and other program objectives.Identifywhat reporting systems to track outcomes are planned, under development or being used.Projectagency needs for future training, and technical assistance to successfully achieve outcomes in the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework.
Types of Implementing Agency
Use of the Interpretive Guide
Use of ReportingSystems
Type ofReportingSystem
Technical Assistance Needs
Next Steps
Providing Technical Assistance to increase agencies capacity to implement the framework indicatorsFramework Ambassador, Mentor and Mentee programs (creating learning communities)Publication





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