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1st Semester People Bingo -

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I was a very creative individualI made really good money during the 1920sI smuggled illegal goods into the U.S.
Carrie Chapman Catt
I was an advocate for women’s right to vote
Gavrilo Princip
I am a SerbI wanted freedom from the Austrian empireI shot the arch duke of Austria
I lived my youth in a carefree mannerI was very fashionable and often found at a partyMy female counterpart was known as a flapper
Matthew C. Perry
I was the Commodore of the American fleet in the mid-1800sI amazed the Japanese with our ships and technologyI opened trade with Japan after its 250 years of isolation
Franz Ferdinand
I was next in line to rule AustriaMy wife and I were killedMy assassination sparked WWI in 1914
John Hay
I was a U.S. Secretary of StateI wanted to increase the power of the U.S. in ChinaMy Open Door policy allowed the U.S. to trade in China
Mother Jones
After losing my husband and son, I became involved with the Knights of LaborI wanted equal labor rights for men and womenAs their leader, I was considered “the most dangerous woman in America”
A. Mitchell Palmer
After WWI, I was very leery of communists and immigrantsI worked for the U.S. government in search of radicals and communists living in the U.S.In one night, my organization raided thousands of homes, resulting in the “Red Scare”
Rough Riders
We were an odd collection of ranchers, college students, and wealthy U.S. citizensWe fought in Cuba during the Spanish-American WarWe were led by Teddy RooseveltWe overpowered the Spanish at the top of San Juan Hill
Henry Ford
I changed the pastime of Americans in the 1920sI perfected the assembly line in order to manufacture my goodI supported Prohibition because it raised the productivity of my businessMy motor company is still in business today
We were organized in the early 1900s, and are still active todayWe strive to ensure equality for all people of color
I am found in many formsI might be an activist for:ChildrenWorkersWomenMinoritiesI try to make the current situation better
Charles Darwin
I studied the animal world closelyMy observation of nature concluded that the fittest will survive
Warren G. Harding
I was elected as President after WWIMy campaign was for a “return to normalcy” in which I wanted everyone’s life to return to the way it was before WWI happened
J.P. Morgan
I was a powerful Wall Street broker who made wise investmentsI bought Carnegie out of the business to form the first billion dollar corporationI also financed Thomas Edison
Amelia Earhart
I was a pilotI matched Charles Lindberg’s feat in 1928I was the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean
Theodore Roosevelt
I led the Rough Riders during the Spanish-American WarI was a Progressive PresidentI set aside millions of acres of forest for national parksI changed the presidency; from a weak figurehead to a proactive position of power
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
I was an activist for women’s equalityI worked for an act that allowed women to keep their own property after marriageI was also a supporter of women’s suffrage
Charles Lindberg
I was the Lone EagleI flew in the Spirit of St. LouisI was the first to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1927
Samuel Gompers
I was a cigar maker by tradeI led the American Federation of Labor (AFL)I encouraged the use of strikes and boycotts to improve wages and hours
Jane Addams
I established Hull House in Chicago to help immigrantsI started a daycare in Hull HouseI also taught immigrants how to read and speak English
I was prejudiced against most minorities in different parts of the nationI was most active from the 1920s – 1960sMy largest following was in Indiana with ½ millionLynching was one of my most brutal intimidation techniques
Ida B. Wells
I am known for witnessing the lynching of three African American men, and then devoted my life to working for the rights of all African Americans
Margaret Sanger
I was a nurse in New YorkI saw first-hand many deaths from abortionsI tried to inform women about preventing pregnanciesI was arrested, but the charges were later dropped
Woodrow Wilson
I was President during the outbreak of WWII kept the U.S. out of the war for three years of the four yearsAt the end of the war, I tried to ensure peace by writing the 14 pointsOnly the League of Nations was kept in the actual treaty
John D. Rockefeller
I was a wealthy robber baronI crushed my competition with whatever means was necessary, including the use of thugsI made my wealth in the oil industry
Carry Nation
I was married to an alcoholicI lived in Medicine Lodge, KansasI believed liquor was a menace to society
Booker T. Washington
I established Tuskegee Institute, providing higher education opportunities for African AmericansI urged black Americans to strive for economic equality with whites and assured them that racial equality would follow
I did not agree with my mother’s generationI believed life was short, so you might as well enjoy itI bobbed my long hair short and lost 12 yards off my dressesI smoked, drank, and danced in the 1920s
Sacco and Vanzetti
We were immigrants to the U.S.We were arrested for murderAfter a questionable trial, we were executedWe were a huge scandal in the U.S.Many believed we were executed because we were immigrants and anarchists
Louis Armstrong
I was a talented coronet and trumpet playerI am the most famous jazz musician of all timeYou probably know me for the song “What a Wonderful World”
W.E.B. DuBois
I advocated for the rights of all African AmericansI believed blacks would be equal to whites only after they received the right to vote
Herbert Spencer
I applied survival of the fittest to businessMy theory was used to justify monopolies and the crushing of business competition
Andrew Carnegie
I am a real-life example of a “rags to riches” storyI made my money in the steel industryI am a well-known philanthropistA music hall and hundreds of libraries are named after me
Ida Tarbell
My dad suffered losses from the robber baron John D. RockefellerI became a muckraker to expose the evils of big business
Upton Sinclair
I am a muckrakerI lived and worked in the stockyards of Chicago to investigate and research information for my bookI titled my book “The Jungle”My book resulted in the Pure Food and Drug Act being passed
I was part of the People’s PartyI was usually a farmerWe strove to regulate railroad rates and we wanted to coin silverWilliam Jennings Bryant was our nominee for the presidencyThe Wizard of Oz reflects our ideals
I was the last Hawaiian royaltyI resisted the U.S. coming in to take over HawaiiWe were annexed any way after Marines overthrew me
Marcus Garvey
I thought former slaves and their decendents should be able to return to live in their original homeland, so I initiated the “Return to Africa” movement
Florence Kelley
I was a progressive who battled child laborI worked with Jane Addams at Hull HouseI personally stood before Congress urging them to pass laws to protect children





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1st Semester People Bingo -