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Leadership Style

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- Resolve conflicts amongst team

- Ensure members are feeling good.

- Good in building relationships

- Creating a positive environment

- Seen as great “people people.”
Leadership Style
Let's See..
What's your Style?
People Centric Leadership
- Ideamakers

- Find new ways

- Tackle tasks differently

- Thinking, brainstorming, suggesting

- Looking ahead at where the team can

- Seen as “big picture” thinkers.
Inspirational Leadership
- Realistic and Achievement focused.

- Analyze the team’s goals and actions

- Finds best possible way to achieve the goals all time

- Involve in calculating, analyzing, systematizing, organizing

and budgeting.

- Solutions provider that “make the most logical sense.”
Rational Leadership
- Propel the team with action.

- Lead by motivating people and

- Maintain the team’s momentum toward the

- Teams focused and can be persuasive in
getting their way.

- Seen as reliable people who follow through
and get things done.
Action Oriented Leadership
- Why is it important to understand different leadership styles?

- Do you think we possess more than one leadership style?

- What key insights do you now have about your leadership
style that you did not have before?

- What will you do differently because of your new perspective
about leadership?
Reflective Questions
Leader-Member Relations
Leader's Position Power
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Leadership Style