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Erasmus +
(possible funding for IB)
Phase 1 (Now)
Application Procedure - Why do we do it?
Looking for volunteers (language courses, teacher training seminars, job shadowing) -
registration is binding - email by Sun. March 1, 1pm
Further info & possible course lists tonight
Don't hesitate to ask
Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Phase 2 (2015-)
Phase 3 (2016-)
Knowledge Alliances cooperation between higher education institutions and enterprises;

Sector Skills Alliances supporting the design and delivery of joint vocational training curricula, programmes and teaching and training methodologies;

Capacity Building in the field of youth supporting cooperation with Partner Countries;

Capacity Building in the field of higher education supporting cooperation with Partner Countries
Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Strategic parterneships with other schools/institutions
IB related training
job shadowing
June 2016-2018
up to 300,000 € - tied

Application by March 2016
mobility of staff
organizational issues
language improvement
methodology related seminars (CLIL)
job shadowing
IB reference focus not absolutely necessary
June 2015-2017
up to 40,000 €
We are only doing the school's application

The individuals taking part as well as the distribution of funds should our application to be accepted, will be chosen by our school administration

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