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Fantastic Functionality of Focusky that cannot be Missed

Fantastic Functionality of Focusky that cannot be Missed
Known as zooming presentation tool, Focusky serves to transform your cool ideas into visual experience. This free online presentation software offers plenty of fantastic functionality that I believe you’ll enjoy.
Numerous Templates
A wide variety of beautiful templates are available to pick from, saving your time and energy.

PPT Conversion
Focusky offers you an easy and quick way to create awesome presentations. Just with a few mouse clicks, your normal PPT can turn to be a unique flowing Focusky presentation.
Non-linear Slides
Focusky makes use of a big canvas to present your ideas, rather than linear slides. You will feel free to place your slides anywhere you’d like.

Zooming Effect
The canvas is scalable. You can infinitely zoom in for details, or zoom out for an overview.
Rich Media
It is an effective way to polish up your presentation by adding multimedia, including images, Flash, music and videos.

Animation Effect
The animated objects and slides will definitely make your presentation come alive and catch audience’s eyes.
Online Presentation
Focusky Cloud Hosting Sever gives you ability to publish your presentation online. And the presentation can be automatically collected to the showcase. You can embed the showcase to your website by pasting the embed code.

Social Sharing
You are free to share your Focusky presentation via social media and email, or embed it anywhere you please.
Focusky presentations can be viewed in all the current web browsers, including mobile phones and tablets.

SEO Friendly
Accurate title, description and keywords are conducive to SEO, making your online presentation easier be found by search engines like Google and Bing.

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Fantastic Functionality of Focusky that cannot be Missed