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Statewide eBooks Presentation for TechEx

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StatewideeBookPlatform in NJ:
The Logistics and the Realities
Heidi Schwab
What is a Statewide eBook Platform?
eBook lending service is like OverDrivebutNJ would own and operate it.NJ would own and not lease most of the content.
Why is it better to own your own content?
Need to ask publisher’s permission to move your leased content from OD to 3MNot all content is allowed be moved, some is just lostIf OverDrive goes out of business –content lostIf you can’t afford OverDrive– content can be lostThis is material we spent asmall fortuneon
Which states havetheir own platform:
Arizona,California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas,Massachusetts,Montana,North Carolina ,Ohio,Tennessee,WyomingBut inevery state it works differently…
What some states are doing:CaliforniaAfterthey lost $350,000 worth of content in 2008 they built their own platform calledEnki.Bad News: ENKIDOES NOT WORK WITH THE 5 BIGPUBLISHERSand it is still the one book one user model.Good News: There are hundreds ofpublishers which will work with them.California owns the content they feel the whole point is to own and control content.
MassachusettsUsesthe platformBiblioboardtoupload contentpurchased through small publishersMixesthat withbestsellerspurchased through Baker &Taylor.Connecticut:They piggy backed what was done in Colorado using their legal framework, marketing, programming, collection development, cataloging, training, etc.Many CT libraries still have OverDrive for BestsellersSome CT libraries only have this platform
ArizonaTheir programis not retaining any right of ownership over the content.Theysimply want to provide access toeBooksColoradoThe model of Douglas County libraries in Colorado, is now being picked up by hundreds of libraries across the nation and they are signing up new publishers everyday.Libraries can buy titles from 800 smaller publishers and own themNorth CarolinaTheir platform is only for localauthors
Dothese platformsWork with the Big 5 Publishers?
YES some do but -Same price and same restrictions when purchased from Baker&Taylor
There is an idea out there that libraries should stop focusing on eBook BestsellersInstead offer everything elsePeople know not to expect the latest from Netflix but it is still enormously popularThe states that do this say their product is not as popular as OverDrive but is gaining in popularity
Where did they get the money?
“…libraryservices and Technology Act LSTAgrant.”“…statelegislatorsearmarked $2.2 million to cover start-upcosts.’“…chargingthelibraries;anywhere from $250 to $40,000.”“…thestate librarygave $300,000 for content.”“…got$200,000 fromconsortiumand will soon start charginglibraries.”“…got $100,000 from aconsortium which gives innovationgrants;iMususenandgrants from LibraryServicesNationalGroupalso called IMLSgrants.”
How did it get started?
…a director of a county systempitchedthe ideato a group oflibrarydirectorsThey endorsedit andthen the county library directorapplied for agrantAlibrary director reached out to astate representativeThestate librarygave $300,000 forcontentAnother $200,000fromconsortiumAnd the rest is history
Who is in charge?
Anassistant directorof aconsortiumFull time staff; marketingand dealing withpublishersand helpdesk.Aproject director and a project managerthere is also anadvisory committeewhich thestate librariansits on.IT director
Did they have legislator support?
Support of state government is huge
What you need to have?
A platform- Enkiis an eBook platform that is built on open sourcecodeContentAdobeServerSoftwarethat adds the digital rights on theeBooks; that cost $10,00and8 centsa check-out and $1500renewalfee every year.(ODpays this too and publishers are happy with it fornow)Platform needs to:Have a discoverylevel so people can search for books,Hostbooks andmetadataHave coverartWorkwithmultipleILS!!!(You do not need a common ILS)
New Jersey
Bad News:Everyonehas to worktogetherMany library systems;member, county , school, etc.NJ State library hasnomoney and lost personnelThe state library is very knowledgeable on this topic but thereare only so many grantsthey canwork on at once. They are focusing on health and jobs.Itallcomes downto money.Political climate in NJGood News For us:There is a Knight foundation News Challenge $2.5 million available for innovation projects to carry libraries into the future, focusing on libraries and how they can enrich their communities.
Is it even worth it?
WeneedtoorganizeitWouldneed topayThereis a slant towards local and self-published works and 2ndtier publishers.Bestsellers still come with publisher restrictionseBook situation is constantlychangingNone of these platforms work with e-ink Kindles
what can we do?
Thereis an ALA Digital Content Working Group Which we canlook to forguidanceThestate library is considering convening a task force to investigatethisissue and ask the group to make recommendations to the state librarian before the end of the fiscal yearJune 2015Wecan help the state library dothisHOWEVER even if there is strong recommendation don’t forget the budget realities
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Statewide eBooks Presentation for TechEx