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The Leliefontein Memorial Education Bursary -

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TheLeliefonteinMemorial Education Bursary
The Guild of The Royal Canadian Dragoons
In 2000, The Guild of The Royal Canadian Dragoons initiated a program to recognize the 100thanniversary of the military action atLeliefonteinby providing a bursary to a deserving member ofTheRoyal Canadian Dragoons RegimentalFamily.The tradition continues this year. Winners will be determined in the spring for the following schoolyear. Submissions must be received by 1June15. Applicationscan be accessed through the Guild Section ofTheRegimental website atwww.dragoons.caor by request to the Regimental 2IC at (613) 687-5511,ext5649.
a.A serving member ofTheRoyal Canadian Dragoons who is not receiving anygovernmentcompensation for educational advancement;b. A retired member ofTheRoyal Canadian Dragoons;c. A direct descendent of either a serving or retired memberofTheRoyal Canadian Dragoons;d. A spouse of either a serving or retired memberofTheRoyal Canadian Dragoons;e. Able to demonstrate that the bursary would further a definedprogrammeof self- improvement through advanced education;f. Normally, but not exclusively, the bursary will be awarded to those applicantscompleting highschool and attending their first year of post-secondary education;g. Able to provide proof of acceptance at a post secondary educational institution; andh. In competition with new applicants, the award is renewable to previous recipients provided the applicant is academically eligible to continue.
Applicationmust include the following:a. Surname:________________ Given Name:______________ DOB:______________b. Mailing Address:_________________________________________________________c. Email Address:____________________ Phone Number:__________________d. List of Secondary schools attended. Attach a complete official secondary school transcript, including any interim grades:Years attended Name of secondary school Province_________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ ________________e. List of Post-secondary schools attended (if applicable):________________________________________________________ __________________f.Awards,Honoursand Distinctions. Please provide a list of your awards,honoursanddistinctions.g.Community Involvement. Provide a list of your activities and the years of involvement.Youmay also include competitions, athletics or artistic endeavors.h.Biographical Sketch. Please attach a statement which provides a brief personal historyanddescribes your personalachievementsor accomplishments. We are also interested in your future plans and ambitions. If it is considered a factor by you, outlineyourfinancial need.i.Letters of Reference. A minimum three letters of reference should be submitted withyourapplication. The letters should be from individuals who are familiar with youracademicwork, community service or personal history.j.Connection to The Royal Canadian Dragoons. Identify what your relationship is withTheRoyal Canadian Dragoons. Are you presently serving inTheRCD, or have youservedwithTheRegiment? Are you related to someone who is serving, or has served?
Please return your application to:
The RegimentalSecond-in-CommandTheRoyal Canadian DragoonsWorthingtonBarracksGarrisonPetawawaPOBox 9999 Station MainPetawawa, ON K8H 2X3





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The Leliefontein Memorial Education Bursary -