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Ro DiBrezzo - University of Arkansas

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Ro Di Brezzo
Chancellor’sAdministrative Policy Council
By Way of Introductions
Exercise Science/Director of HPLLittle known fact…
Chair of Faculty Senate
Tendency to reactEstablished InitiativesFaculty Involvement
Representing the“voice of the faculty”Academic IntegrityCourse Evaluations
ResearcherChecking It Out
No position on a college campus that has changed more dramatically than that ofDeanIn last 10 years moved from directly overseeing student activity- curriculum- personnelSerious involvement in fund-raising1980 average tenure 12-15 years2009 average tenure 5 years
Role of Faculty
Conversely the role of faculty stayed staticTeachingResearchServicePerhaps more emphasis on research/funding in some disciplines
Hosted Faculty Forums
November 11th& 17thTotal of 175 faculty75-100 E-mails
Categories/ Concerns
And MoreMoney
SalariesDr. Gearhart’s initiativeMerit PayStipends GA/TANot competitive- hurts recruitingStart up packagesTravel MoneyFinancial needs of studentsSingle Parents
ClassroomsLabsSuppliesEquipmentOffices/ Conference RoomsEducational access
Evaluation of facultyEvaluation of Chairs/HeadsHow decisions are passed along from Deans to facultyOpen/Closed doorsPart of the solution vs problemNot part of the discussion
Faculty feel as though theyknowstudents yet the perception is we added ‘adjunct’ help not more faculty.Students don’t know they don’t know how to studyExposure to professors in major area sooner in their careerFYE/ Intro to discipline
Growththe Good News
Clearly has allowed us to add significant number of faculty for the first time in almost 20 years.
GrowthOverwhelming Concern
For some of the faculty, growth and retention are at odds with each other.Eg. Larger classesAttendanceAdvisingHonors students
Growth by Design
Raise grade point averageRespond to the needs of stateDevelop areas of potential impactGerontologySustainabilityGraduate vs UndergraduateIf there is a ‘big picture’ faculty don’t see it
Odds & Ends
Increase in paperworkReports decentralized/resources centralizedFeeling of doing more with lessClinical track or tenure trackFaculty vs. Administrative growthOn-line programsFear of losing a line if tenure not awardedAccrediting agencies
Generating Alternatives
Higher TuitionAttendance policyBetter prepared TA/GAsTeach a large class help with GAPost tenure reviewMerit Raise to high performersIncentive grantsJoint ventures with different depart/college





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Ro DiBrezzo - University of Arkansas