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Review of JAR experiences Main findings -

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Review OF JAR experiencesMain findings
IHP+ Nairobi MeetingDecember 11-14 2012
A key objective of IHP+ is toadvance the alignment of international support to national health strategies and plans.Compact, JANS, JAR …Commission on Information and Accountabilityhasagreedto use JARs as a way to increase accountability forresultsTheobjective ofthe studyis to review experience and lessons about what has made joint annual health sector review processes effective or not.Howwelldo JARshelpto align? What is the added value of the JAR? What makes it effective?Global review of JAR experiences in9 countries
No one-size fits all
JAR is along established traditionin many countriesAll interviewees arein favourof maintaining JAR, while ensuring / improving its efficiency (fatigue)No “one-size fits all” = strengthTailor-made, country- specificEvolve over timeCountries can learn from each otherCommon aspects: M&E cycle /PoW/annual / DPsModalities vary++Focus onpolicy dialogue versus operationalissues
JARs tend tostrengthenpolicy dialogue, alignment, accountability, implementation of the sector plan and internal resource allocation. But JAR is only one factor.JARs have apotentialto improve plans, mobilise additional resources and promote joint accountability.JARs areless recognisedfor improving harmonisation, setting new targets or indicators and reducing transaction costs.
Factors determining a successful JAR
Strong governmentleadership, high degree of localownershipof the JAR, meaningful and wideparticipationof all stakeholders, a constructive climate and an open policydialogue.Reliable and timely data, evidence-basedinformationand well-designed performance assessment frameworks are essential for effective monitoring and proper decision making.Good preparation andorganisationof the joint reviews is essential for ensuring efficient work.JAR integrated in the national planning cycle
Keep inputs, process and outputs manageable
Independent reviewsFrequency & timingSize, composition, country experience and continuity of RTParticipants: number and profile of participantsRecommendations: number, feasibility, prioritisation and timelineReports: size & user-friendly
Ensure JAR results into action
ShareJAR reports, recommendations and proposed actions,with all stakeholdersConsistently track JAR recommendationsand proposed actionsScope for improvingSMART action-oriented recommendations, prioritisation, and ensuring regularmonitoring by a high level sector body.
Main Challenges
How to ensure that relevant JAR recommendations are integrated indecentralised plans;How tobalancebetween a drive for more participation and good technical / policy discussions;How to ensuremeaningful participationand further developmutual accountabilityin the context of a growing tendency among DPs to ask for a directattribution of results;And how best tointegrate meaningful aid effectiveness criteriain monitoring sector and/or national performance





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Review of JAR experiences Main findings -