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Review of compilation guidance - UNSD

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Herman SmithUNSD10thMeeting of the Advisory Expert Group on National Accounts13-15 April 2016,Paris
Review of compilation guidance
Outline of Presentation
IntroductionProcedure for the development of manuals, handbooks and guidance notesPublications by the ISWGNA membersCompletedIn progressPlannedIssues for discussion
I. Introduction
Development of manuals, handbooks and guidance notes for the national accounts, and also recommendations for the compilation of basic economic statisticsThe aim is to provide practical compilation guidance onnational accounts and supporting statisticsas well as to address data quality anddisseminationTheycontribute to strengtheningstatistical capacity for compiling nationalaccountsResponsibilities for the preparation of the publications are shared among the ISWGNAmembers
II. Procedure for the development of manuals, handbooks and guidance notes
Important for coordination of on-going and future effortsTo support this objective, a procedure was establishedIssues papers on plans for compilation guides, handbooks and guidance notes be prepared by the lead organization, forming the basis for coordination by the ISWGNAThe ISWGNA will review the needs for developing manuals, handbooks and guidance notes in consultation with the AEG
Procedure for publications dealing with clarifications and interpretations of the SNA
III. Publications by the ISWGNA members
The ISWGNA has made good progress in publishing handbooksThe publications developed by the ISWGNA are presented in three categories in the report to UNSC:completed publicationspublications in progressplanned publicationsFocus here on planned and in progress publications
Publications inprogress
Handbook on Rapid Estimates (Eurostat/UN)Currently undergoing an expert review prior to global consultation (3Q 2016)HandbookonCyclicalCompositeIndicators(Eurostat/UN)Currentlyundergoing a global consultation (1Q 2016)Handbookon the compilation of Supply and Use tables and Input Output tables (UN)Draft for global consultation is being finalized (3Q 2016)Handbookon non-profit institutions in the SNA (update, UN)Draftfor global consultation is being finalizedHandbook on National Accounting Backcasting Methodology (UN)First draft isbeing finalizedRevisedhandbook on price and volume measures (Eurostat)QuarterlyNational Accounts Manual (update,IMF)
Planned publications
- Systemof Extended International and Global Accounts (UNSD)- CompilationGuide on Inventories (Eurostat and OECD)- Handbookon the Compilation of Information on the Distribution of Income, Consumption and Savings Across Households Consistent with National Accounts (OECD)- CompilationGuide to Statistics on Natural Resource Industries (IMF)- Guideon Measuring Human Capital (ECE)- Handbookon Cultural satellite accounts (UNESCO)- AviationSatellite Accounts (ICAO)
IV. Issues for discussion
The AEG is requested to:Express views on the publications in progress;Express views on the planned publications; andPropose other topics for the development of manuals, handbooks and guidance notes on national accounts and supporting economic statistics.
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Review of compilation guidance - UNSD