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Fire Intervention Program Powerpoint - Pages

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Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention (YFPI)
Fire Statistics
ARSON #4 causeMost Arson Arrests are kids under 17 years old.Without Intervention, 85 % of youth firesetting behavior will continueMost children who die in fire set that fire themselves
Key Points About the Brain
Brain Development happens primarily through experienceThe brain is only 17% wired at birth.Children’s brains are not comp0letely wired until their mid-20’sThe brain has two major growth spurtsFirst 3 years of lifeAdolescenceWindows of sensitivity – stimulus and experience have greater effect on the wiring of the brain
~Megan E.B. Kelly, MSW ~ Allen Co. Juvenile Firesetters Task Force
Back DraftPirates of the CaribbeanToy Story
ProgressiveTaco BellToyotaBudweiser
You Tube
Hair on fireBombsSuper SoakersKids playing?
Why do we need a program?
MEDIAChildren 8-18 spend 7:38 minutes a day consuming media.29% of the time using more than one media at a time (laptop w/ TV) = 10:45 minutes per day7:38 x 7 = 53 hours 25 minX356 days = 2,786 hours 9 min
ADVERTIZING DRIVESMEDIATelevisionMusicComputerMoviesVideo GamesPrintKaiser Family Foundation, Generation M2: Media in the lives of 8-18 years, Jan 2010
“If you believe that Sesame Street taught your 4-year-old something, you better believe that MTV is teaching your fourteen-year-old something.”~ Dr. David Walsh
Fire burns differently now than it did even 15 years ago:
Referrals From:
Children at Risk
Juvenile JusticeCourtsSchoolsParentLaw EnforcementFire DepartmentsFamilies
The 1-800-500-8897 Process
*The local intervention team may consist of Fire Department, Social Services, Approved Citizen Helpers and / or Police Department personnel
The FEMA Assessment Form
Reason for setting fireCuriosityCrisisDelinquent / Thrill SeekingTroubled / PathologicalChild & Family Risk LevelLowModerateExtreme
Referrals to:
Mental HealthResidential Treatment FacilitiesSocial ServicesJuvenile JusticeRestorative JusticeFire Education
Educational Intervention
Rules & LawsFire StatisticsFire BehaviorFire PreventionBurn PreventionFire SafetyReview & TestEvaluations PLEASE!!
To charge or not to charge?Call1-800-500-8897
Complete Diversion:
Goals:Accuracy in ReportingProvide Necessary EducationProvide Adequate ReferralsConsistency in DiversionOTHERS?
In Their Own Words
In their own wordsAnd 4 Years Later
Road of Life





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Fire Intervention Program Powerpoint - Pages