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Web 2.0Fundamentals of Social Computing in BusinessSocial Computing in Business: ShoppingSocial Computing in Business:Marketing
SocialComputing in Business: Customer Relationship ManagementSocial Computing in Business: Human Resource Management
Describe six Web 2.0 tools and two major types of Web 2.0 sites.Describe thebenefitsand risks of social commerce to companies.Identify the methods used for shopping socially.Discuss innovative ways to use social networking sites for advertising and market research.
Describehow social computing improves customer service.Discussdifferentways in which human resource managers make use of social computing.
Disappearing ImagesDescribe the advantages and disadvantages of Snapchat to its users. Providespecificexamples of both to support your answer.Do you think that Snapchat can become profitable (i.e., survive) in the marketplace? Why or why not? Support your answer withspecificexamples.How will the Snapchat breach affect marketers who are considering using the app in their campaigns?Should Snapchat’s founders have sold the service to Facebook or Google? Why or why not? If you were the founder of Snapchat, would you have accepted one of these offers? Why or why not?
Brian Krebs Blogs onInformationSecurityListvarious ways in which Krebs can make money from hisblog.Youare the Chief SecurityOfficerfor a company. How would you incorporate Krebs’s blog into your security efforts?
Web 2.0
AJAXTaggingFolksonomiesGeotaggingReally Simple Syndication (RSS)Blogs
Figure 8.1: Web Site of National Public Radio with RSS Toolbar
Web 2.0(continued)
MicrobloggingWikisSocial Networking Web SitesEnterprise Social NetworksMashups
Figure 8.2: Google Maps is a Classic Example of aMashup
Fundamentals of Social Computing in Business
Social CommerceBenefits to customersBenefits to businesses
Social Commerce:Benefits toCustomers
Better and faster vendor responses tocomplaints (on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube)Customers can assist other customers (e.g., in onlineforums)Customers’ expectations can be met more fully andquicklyCustomers can easily search, link, chat, and buy while staying on a social network’s page
Can test new products and ideas quickly and inexpensivelyLearn a lot about their customersIdentify problems quickly and alleviate customer angerLearn about customers’ experiences via rapid feedbackIncrease sales when customers discuss products positively on social networkingsite
Social Commerce:Benefits toBusinesses
Social Commerce:Benefits to Businesses (Con’t)
Createmoreeffectivemarketing campaigns and brand awarenessUse low-cost user-generated content, for example, in marketing campaignsObtain free advertising through viral marketingIdentify and rewardinfluentialbrand advocates
Table 8.2: Potential Benefits of Social Commerce
Trip to Europe: CancelledShould you be careful of what you post on Facebook? Support your answer in relation to this case.What mistake did the parents make when they informed Dana about the settlement? Telling her at all? Not telling her about the dangers of posting details on social media?
Social Computing in Business: Shopping
Ratings, Reviews, and RecommendationsGroup ShoppingShopping Communities and ClubsSocial Marketplaces and Direct SalesPeer-to-Peer Shopping Models
Figure 8.3:Epinionsis a Web site that allows customers to rate anything from cars to music.
Figure 8.4: is a Popular Example of a Group Shopping Web Site.
Figure 8.5: is a Social Marketplace for all Handmade or Vintage Items.
Social Network Analysis Applied to GangsWhat other data could the Chicago Police Department add to ORCA?What are the potential disadvantages of ORCA? Providespecificexamples to support your answer.
Social Computing in Business: Marketing
Social AdvertisingMarket ResearchConversational MarketingConducting Market Research Using Social Networks
Figure 8.6: Customers Share Their Ideas and Feedback with Dell via
YouTube versus TelevisionDescribe the differences in how traditional television and YouTube provide online content to audiences.If you were the CEO of a traditional television network, how would you combat YouTube?
Social Computing in Business: Customer Relationship Management
How Social Computing Improves Customer Service
Social Computing in Business: Human Resource Management
RecruitingEmployee Development





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