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Strengthened by Faith in our Omnipotent God信靠全能上帝得力量
Omni(all)potence(powerful).完全有能力God controls all the power in the entire Universe.上帝控制全宇宙的力量。He is the source of all power.(Ps. 62:11)他是所有能力的来源(诗62:11)。(Rev 19:6)And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude saying: “Alleluia:for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth”启19:6 -我聽見好像群眾的聲音,眾水的聲音,大雷的聲音,說:哈利路亞!因為主我們的神、全能者作王了。
If God is Infinite, &He has Power,then His powermust be Infinite(Almighty; 0mnipotent)倘若上帝是无限的且具有大能,那么他的能力一定是无限的
He is“Holy,holy,holy,Lord God Almighty,which was,and is,and is to come”(Rev. 4:8; Gen. 17:1; Rev. 11:17; 15:3; 16:7; 21:22)启4:8 -聖哉!聖哉!聖哉!主神是昔在、今在、以後永在的全能者。“Almighty”occurs 56 times in Scripture & is used only of God“全能”在圣经出现56次,只用在上帝身上。
God’s Names in Hebrew Reveal His Almighty Power希伯来文上帝的名字显明他无所不能的力量
“God”is the Hebrew“El”meaning“to be strong,power,might.”“上帝”来自希伯来词“EL”,意思是“强大,力量,能力”。“Elohim”is a plural form of“God”suggesting the trinity“Elohim”是“上帝”的复数词,表示出三位一体。It is found about 2500 times in the O.T.(Gen. 1:1)它在旧约出现2500次 (创1:1)。“El Elyon”is literally“the strongest strong one”(Gen. 14:18-20)“El Elyon”字意为“最强的的一位”(创14:18-20)。
All God’s Attributes Work together for our Good(Rom. 8:28)上帝所有的属性都为我们的益处来运作(罗8:28)
As Sovereign,God has Total Authority;身为掌管万有,他具有全然的权柄;as Almighty,God has total Power;身为全能,他具有全然的能力;as Self Existent God has complete Freedomto carry out His own Good Will(Eph. 1:9, 11; 3:11; Dan. 4:35; Isa. 14:24, 27; 46:10; Acts 4:28)身为自有永有,他具有全然的自由来行使他自己的旨意。Thus any promise God Makes in His Word,He will fulfill!所以他在话语中做的任何承诺,他会完成!
Because God is Eternal His Power must be Everlasting上帝是永恒的,所以他的能力也必是永恒的
(Isa 26:4)Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH iseverlasting strength:赛26:4 -你們當倚靠耶和華直到永遠,因為耶和華是永久的磐石(力量)。“everlasting strength” is Hebrew “rock of ages”(I Sam. 2:2; Ps.18:2)“永远的力量”在希伯来文是“永久的磐石”(撒上2:2;诗18:2)God’s power will never diminish even the slightest bit throughout all eternity.It can never decrease or increase Forever!上帝的大能在永恒中永远不会减少一丁点。它永不会减少或增加。
Because God is Self Existent He must be the source of all the Power there is由于上帝是自有永有,所以他必定是所有能力的来源
The source must be at least equal to anything that emanates from it来源与从其发出的任何东西必至少是平等的。Thus God is greater than all the power in the entire Universe!所以上帝比全宇宙所有的能力更大!God’s Power created the Universe & keeps it going!(Col. 1:16-17; Heb. 1:3; Ps. 66:9)上帝的大能创造了宇宙,且使其持续运转!(西1:16-17;来1:3;诗66:9)。
All Power Belongs to God:He’s Almighty,Omnipotent!所有的能力皆属于上帝:他是无所不能的!
The Power of God is the only real power there is.There is no power apart from God(Ps. 62:11; Matt. 6:13 KJV; John 19:11)上帝的能力是唯一真正的能力,在他之外没有能力(诗62:11;太6:13;约19:11)。The universe has no inherent power to sustain itself.That is why it is running down(Heb. 1:10-12; Isa. 51:6; Ps. 102:25-27)宇宙本身没有与生俱来的能力来维持自己,这就是为何它在衰竭中(来1:10-12;赛51:6;诗102:25-27)。
God’s Power is Revealed in the Immensity of the Universe上帝的大能彰显在宇宙的宏伟中
(Rom 1:20)“For the invisible things of him from the creation ofthe world are clearly seen,being understood by the thingsthat are made,even his eternal powerandGodhead; so that they are without excuse:罗1:20 -自從造天地以來,神的永能和神性是明明可知的,雖是眼不能見,但藉著所造之物就可以曉得,叫人無可推諉。
We comprehend more of God’s Power today than at any other time in History(By Empirical Science)我们今日比历史上其他任何时间更明了上帝的大能
There are Trillions upon Trillions of these Stars!数以万兆的星星存在
(Isa 40:26)“Lift up your eyes on high, andbehold who hath created these things,that bringeth out their host by number:he calleth them all by namesby the greatness of his might,for that he is strong in power;not one faileth.”赛40:26 -你們向上舉目,看誰創造這萬象,按數目領出,他一一稱其名;因他的權能,又因他的大能大力,連一個都不缺。
Modern Science replaced the Omnipotent God by making idols of the Laws of Nature现代科学用自然律的偶像取代全能的上帝
Mankind used to have an acute sense of the presence of God as they realized He ruled & sustained our amazing World.人类曾经对上帝的同在有敏锐的感觉,他们明白他统管并支撑我们奇妙的世界。Today Science tries to convince us the Laws of Nature explain the existence of everything(Naturalism;Humanism;Evolutionism).今日,科学试图使用自然律解释万物的存在,来说服我们 (自然主义;人本主义;进化论)。
The Laws of Nature can’t Create!They just reveal How the Creator Designed His Creation自然律无法创造!它们只显示造物主如何设计出他的创造
The consistency of God’s activities in His Creation enables the scientist to predict the course of natural phenomena.上帝在他所造之物中活动的一致性,使科学家能够预测自然现象的轨道。Illus:the reason we can put a man on the moon is because the Heavenly bodies move with such amazing precision!例:我们能够把人放上月球,乃因天体按照惊人的准确性在运行!
Some People can’t Look beyond Creation to see the Creator有些人无法越过造物去看见造物主
Yuri Gagarin 4/12/1961.Khrushchev said Gagarin didn’t see any god in space!克鲁雪夫说Gagarin在外太空没看见任何神!
God designed everything in a way that we can discover the incredible design & make great advancements for mankind上帝设计万物的方式使我们可以发现难以置信的设计,且为人类制造出伟大的进步
It’s one thing for science to discover how Creation works& make scientific progress.科学发现造物如何运作,以发展出科学的进展是一回事;It is quite another thing to Believe God’s Word & discoverGod’s Purpose for creating everything to begin with!相信上帝的话语,且发现他起初创造万物的目的是另一回事!
Illustration:Henry Ford & the Model T; Aunt Matilda & her cake
5Questions in Isaiah 40 reveal God’s Omnipotence以赛亚书40章的五个提问显明上帝的全能
1.“Who hathmeasured the waters in the hollow of his hand,”(Isaiah 40:12)1.40:12「誰曾用手心量諸水?」Atlantic=85 millioncubic miles of water大西洋=8千5百萬立方英哩的水量Pacific=141 millioncubic miles of water太平洋=1億4千1百萬立方英哩的水量
God created it to humble man;but also designed it to benefit man上帝創造大洋叫人謙卑;同時設計它使人得益
1842 Matthew Fontaine Maury(ill)(Psalm 8:8) “Paths in the seas”Maury病中的發現(詩8篇)–“海中的道路”
God’s Questions challenge us to behold the Glory of God上帝的提问挑战我们去观看上帝的荣耀
2.“Who meted out heaven with the span”2.「誰用虎口量蒼天?」
3.“Who comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure”3.「誰用升斗盛大地的塵土?」
4.“Who weighed the mountains in scales,5.&the hills in a balance?”4.「誰用秤稱山嶺,5.用天平平岡陵呢?」
This earth & Universe is all measured & designed for life地球和宇宙都被稱量,為生命而設計
Anthropic Principle–there are over400 parameters that all must bein place for life to exist.人擇原理–超過400個參數必須同時存在,生命才能生存.Our Earth is unique in the Universe –designed for Life!我們的地球在宇宙中是獨特的–為生命而設計!
The Universe displaysuniversal“Fine Tuning”宇宙展示 「細微調配」.The Fine Tuning is so precise it is mathematically impossible that it could happen by Chance in the time frame science gives us!這些「微調」的精確,從數學的计算,在科学所给于的时间框架内,是不可能偶然發生的!
Creation requires a Creator!受造物需要造物主
A Universe filled with infinite Power requires an Omnipotent God充满无限大能的宇宙必有一位全能的上帝
Jesus is Almighty God Manifest in Human Flesh!耶稣是全能的上帝在人身显现
Jesus manifested sovereign control of the seas!耶稣完全掌管洋海!Read Mark 4:35-41 with Prov. 30:4 and Psalm 89:6-9.讀可4:35-41,箴30:4,詩89:6-9
He who created the waters can easily walk on water(John 6:18-21)創造大水的祂可以轻易行在水面上(约6:18-21)
He who Created the Heavens easily Ascends into Heaven创造诸天的那位轻易地升到天上
Jesus is the same God who measures heaven with a span耶稣是用虎口丈量苍天的同 一位上帝。Jesus “ascended up far above all heavens,that He might fill all things”(Eph. 4:10; Acts 1:9)耶穌是「遠升諸天之上要充滿萬有的.」(弗4:10,徒1:9)
God’s Power is Revealed in the UnimaginablyMagnificent Minuteness of Human Biology上帝的大能显明在无法想象,壮观的人体生理的微妙细节上
Every cell is different
In light of current scientific knowledge,the Bible seems to mention DNA itself鉴于当前的科学知识,圣经似乎提及脱氧核糖核酸
(Ps. 139:16)“…and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned,when as yet there was none of them(Job 14:5)诗139:16 -我未成形的體質,你的眼早已看見了;你所定的日子,我尚未度一日,你都寫在你的冊上了。
DNA Reveals a God of Infinite Power & WisdomDNA显示一位具有无限大能与智慧的上帝
God’s Power is Revealed in theMagnificent Minuteness of the Kidney上帝的大能显示在肾脏壮观的微妙细节上
Illustration:What are today’s 7 wonders of the World?今日的世界七大奇观为何?
1.The Great Pyramids金字塔2.Taj Mahal泰姬陵3.Grand canyon大峡谷4.Panama canal巴拿马运河5.Empire state building帝国大厦6.St. Peter’s Basilica圣彼得大教堂7.Great wall of China长城One young girl wrote一位女孩写下: 1.Touch触觉2.Taste味觉3.Sight视觉4.Hearing听觉5.Hope希望6.Laughter欢笑7.Love爱
God’s Power is Revealed in the Resurrection of the Dead上帝的大能显明在死人复活
Jesus said: “I am he that liveth,and was dead;andbehold,I am alive for evermore, Amen;and have the keys of hell & of death”(Rev 1:18)启1:18 -又是那存活的;我曾死過,現在又活了,直活到永永遠遠;並且拿著死亡和陰間的鑰匙。
How did Jesus reveal the Glory of the LORD Jehovah?耶穌如何顯示耶和華神的榮耀?
When it comes to comprehending the dust of the earth?(John 11)用升斗盛大地的塵土?(約11章)
Jesus was“declared to be the Son of God with power,according to the spirit of holiness,by the resurrection from the dead:按聖善的靈說,因從死 裡復活,以大能顯明是 神的兒子。
Jesus’ tomb in Jerusalem耶路撒冷耶稣的坟墓
Jesus & the Omnipotent God are“1”耶稣与全能的上帝为“一”
(Matt 28:18)“And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying,All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.”(Col. 1:16-19; Acts 2:36; John 17:2; I Pet. 3:22)太28:18 -耶穌進前來,對他們說:「天上地下所有的權柄都賜給我了…」
God imparts a limited amount of His“All-Power”to His Creation上帝分赐他“全能”的有限分量给他的受造物
“power belongeth unto God”(Ps. 62:11; Matt. 6:13; Rev. 19:1)“能力属于上帝” (诗62:11;太6:13;启19:1)。God delegates some of His power to us(John 19:11; Ps. 68:34-35; 2 Cor. 4:7; 13:4)上帝分派他的某些能力给我们 (约19:11;诗68:34-35;林后4:7;13:4)。
Application:God’s Power works“in”us:应用:上帝的能力在我们的“里面”运作
(Eph 3:20)Now unto him that is able to do exceedingabundantly above all that we ask or think,according tothe powerthat worketh in us,(Eph. 1:19; 3:7)弗3:20 -神能照著運行在我們心裡的大力充充足足的成就一切,超過我們所求所想的。(Col 1:29)Whereunto I also labour,striving according tohis working,which worketh in me mightily.西1:29 -我也為此勞苦,照著他在我裡面運用的大能盡心竭力。
We have access to God’s Power throughHis Holy Spirit that lives in us我们藉着住在我们里面的圣灵能够支取上帝的能力
(Eph 3:16)“That he would grant you,according to theriches of his glory,tobe strengthened with mightby his Spiritin the inner man;弗3:16 -求他按著他豐盛的榮耀,藉著他的靈,叫你們心裡的力量剛強起來,(Eph 6:10)“Finally,my brethren,be strong in the Lord,andin the power of his might.(Job 23:6; Ps. 138:3; Isa. 41:10; Rom. 15:19; 2 Cor. 12:9; Phil. 4:13; Col. 1:11; 2 Tim. 4:17; Heb. 11:34)弗6:10-末了…你們要靠著主,倚賴他的大能大力作剛強的人。
Remember God did the Impossible for Abraham & Sarah
(Gen 18:14)“Is any thing too hard for the LORD? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.”创18:14 -耶和華豈有難成的事嗎?到了日期,明年這時候,我必回到你這裡,撒拉必生一個兒子。」Illustration:A.B. Simpson (Christian Missionary Alliance)





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