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Trialing BAT2 Writing Prompts -

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TriaLlingBAT2Writing Prompts
acooperative project
D L I E L CDefense Language Institute English Language Center
BILC STANAG 6001 Testing Workshop 2018Kranjska Gora, SloveniaDavid Oglesby Roxane Harrison Edelmira Nickels
Benchmark advisory test (BAT)
Benchmark Advisory Test (BAT) backgroundWho, what, when, where, why, and how?Outcomes and resultant BILC actionsTen years of language testing standardization and normingAdvanced Language Testing SeminarAnnual STANAG 6001 Testing WorkshopLanguage Standards and Assessment SeminarSpecial projects and seminars (e.g., Level 4, IRT)
2nd-Generation Benchmarkadvisory test (BAT2)
BAT2 background, progress, and timelineWho, what, when, where, why, and how?What has been done so far?What is being done currently?What remains to be done?When will testing start?What will become of the data collected?Post-BAT2 plans
Need for new writing tests
Exposure of existing BAT writing promptsUsed for training and standardization purposes in LTS, ALTS, BILC WorkshopsNew writing formatLess emphasis on Level 1 proficiencySingle response to spiraling promptsOpportunity for international cooperationValuable development and moderation experience
Creating new writing tests
Prompt creation&moderation
BAT2 Norming ForumsACTFL SchoologyResidential Norming ForumModeration round 1Moderation round 2
First prompt Selectionsdraft Test Forms
Moderate edit moderate
Moderation round 3Moderation round 4Moderation round 5Moderation round 6
Qualitative surveys
Survey questionnairesInput from ALTS FacilitatorsModeration of surveysModeration round 2Moderation round 3
Negotiating TimelinesNumbersTest takersSets to trialCommunicationsExchange of test items
TrialLing prompts
The DLIELC teamSteps in the process
TrialLing population
Mirror NATO & partner nation test-taker populationNationalitiesLevelsMotivationBriefing thetriallingpopulation
Recap - Where we are
July & August
Jan-July 2018
RECAP - Next Steps
Provide diagnostic feedback to trial test-takersRate trial test scriptsRun stats on ratings / analyzing dataAnalyze qualitative dataEdit prompts, if requiredConstruct the tests
In handSeptember
Transfer to ACTFL/ LTIUploadtests to webplatformBAT2-W ready for live testing
pending…8 – 22 October
November 2018
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D L I E L CDefense Language Institute English Language Center





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Trialing BAT2 Writing Prompts -