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University 100 -

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University 100
Orientation and syllabus workshop
Seminar that helps students transition to college at RadfordTeaches skills and resources necessary to be personally and academically successful
Course Characteristics
Interactive, discussion-basedHands-on activitiesOut-of-class explorationsCommunity-focused (both classroom and Radford)1 credit, graded A-F
The People
Majority of incoming students (88% last fall)Freshman and transferFirst-gen and continuing-genFaculty Instructor (FI)Peer Instructor (PI)
Team teaching
Strive to be true co-instructors: 50/50Play to your strengthsCommunicateAdapt for your students
Don’t Worry—there’s Training
Pre-semester trainingUNIV 200: Peer Education PracticumSomething informal for faculty (like a brown bag lunch series)
Course Types
General sectionsTopical sectionsMajor or programLiving-learning communitySpecial interest
Who creates what?
common Course Goals
Develop academic success skillsUnderstanduniversity policies, procedures, and resourcesConnect tothe campuscommunity (faculty, peers,student mentors)Reflect on personal identity, values, and goals
Course Topics
Academic success skillsStudying, time management, career planningUniversity policyRegistering for classes, meeting with advisors, understanding conduct and academic expectationsPersonal developmentGetting involved, living with roommates, maintaining wellness
What else could we cover?
Academic integrityAdvising and registrationAlcohol in collegeCommunication and conflict resolutionCritical reading and thinkingDigital identitiesDiversity and inclusionEmployabilityExperiential learning (e.g., study abroad, service learning)Faculty vs. student responsibilitiesFeedback: interpreting and implementing itFinancial literacyGlobal thinkingGoal setting and SMART goalsGPA calculationHigh school vs. collegeInteracting with facultyInvolvement on campusLearning styles and how we learnMajor and career explorationMentorsMotivation and procrastinationNote taking, making the most of lecturesOff-campus livingPublic speakingReading strategicallyReflective thinking and writingRelationships incollegeResilienceResources on campusResponsible citizen habitsRoommatesSafety on campusSchool history and traditionsStudy skillsSustainabilityTaking tests, midterms, and examsTechnology etiquetteTechnology systems (D2L, Starfish, Handshake)Time managementUniversity policies and proceduresWellness
Common Assignments
Club FairCampus engagement eventsJournalsMidterm projectFinal project
Campus Engagement Events
Goal: Learn your way around campus and the local community in a personally relevant, hands-on wayBroad topics (you choose the specifics)
Great way to incorporate reflection, get to know studentsPeer instructor often takes the lead on reading and respondingYou can choose the topics
Midterm Project
Teach students how to approach faculty or other university professionals when neededOr do something else!
Final Project
Teachclassmates something they learnedthis semesterDo something to improve the university communityOr do something else!
A Tale of Two Syllabi
Course Topics: First Five weeks
Campus Engagement Event Assignments
Campus Engagement Event Assignments
Journal prompts
Midterm Project
Final Project
Get set… go!
Let’s start planning your own UNIV 100 course!
Materials needed
Course setup checklistBlank syllabus templateTopic listExamples of assignments and syllabiAcademiccalendar
Syllabus workshop
Find your co-instructor (if applicable)Read over the materialsStart working through the checklistShare ideas and ask questions
Let me know if you have questions!
Amber Z. [email protected](540) 831-6498Thank you so much for being here!





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University 100 -