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ICF Virtual Education Session - International Coach Federation

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ICF Virtual Education Session
Establishing the CoachingAgreement13 October 2010Meg Mann, MCC
Abilityto understand what is required in the specific coaching interaction and to come to agreement with the prospective and new client about the coaching process and relationshipUnderstandsand effectively discusses with the client the guidelines and specific parameters of the coaching relationship (e.g., logistics, fees, scheduling, inclusion of others if appropriate),Reaches agreement about what is appropriate in the relationship and what is not, what is and is not being offered, and about the client's and coach's responsibilities,Determines whether there is an effective match between his/her coaching method and the needs of the prospective client.Source: ICF Core Competencies
Establishing the Coaching Agreement
1. For the coaching program overall –Determining best fit of coach and clientExplaining what coaching is and what it isn’tSetting the parameters of the coaching relationship and coaching programLogistics of when, where you will meetFees, cancellation policies, noticeWho is involved with the coaching program, e.g. SponsorEthical considerations
The 2 Aspects of Establishing Agreement
Have a good contract that thoroughly explains the coaching process, responsibilities of both parties, logistics and details of the contractual relationshipFor corporate engagements have Sponsor agreement and agreement with individualcoacheeDo periodic check-ins on the coaching program along the way
Fulfilling Aspect 1
2.For the coaching session/meetingWhatdoes the client want to work on?Whatwill make the next 30 minutes mostworthwhile?Establish afocus for the sessionWhat does the client want to take away from the session? What will be of value?How does the client want to feel/be at the end of the session?
The 2 Aspects of Establishing Agreement
At ACC level,Coach accepts what client says he/she wants to work on at surface level, and attends to that agenda. The client chooses the topic with little exploration.At PCC level, Coach does some exploration of client’s stated outcomes, and includes some measure of success for each topic. Client chooses the topic and there may be some tracking that client is getting stated outcome.
Fulfilling Aspect 2
At MCC level, Coachfullyexplores what client wants from thesession:Gains clarity on what would be of value to the client for this sessionDelves deeply to ensure there is clarity about the coaching purposeEstablishesmeasures forsuccessChecks regularly to see whether direction of session is continuing to serve client’s purpose, and will change course as needed
Aspect 2 continued
Have good contracts and make sure they have been reviewed by counsel, and are up to dateBe clear with clients about the coaching process, logistics, and your servicesTake the time in each session to explore, clarify and refine the stated outcome; establish how success will be measured; get the client in touch with what is truly valuable about the outcomeDo check-ins along the way
Best Practices for Establishing Agreement
You do not need to wait until applying for your MCC credential before you begin to establish agreement “masterfully”.A well-defined, measurable outcome that has been fully explored with the client, where the client can begin to see, feel, and experience the outcome, is time well spent.The coaching process flows smoothly and effortlessly when this competency is done well,and actions steps naturally emerge.
Words of Wisdom for Establishing Agreement





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ICF Virtual Education Session - International Coach Federation