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Root Words Review -

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Root Words Review
September 8, 2014
Acr/Acer : Bitter/harsh
Acrid – pungent (odor)Acerbic – harsh (Acerbic tongue)Acrimonious – bitter (behavior)Exacerbate – To make worse
Melli/Molli- Soft
Ameliorate – to improve or soften a situation.Mollycoddle – to pamperMellifluous - soft flow (fluent)Melody – soft musicEmollient – a softening agent (Vaseline)Melancholy – very soft slightly sad music
Breve - short
Brevity – short (talk or speech)Abbreviate – shorten (ex:sgt– sergeant)
Cata/cad: Downward Descent
Catastrophe: calamity (earthquake)Cataclysm : downfall (political)Cascade/cataract: waterfallCadence: modulation or inflection of the voiceDecadence: decay, fall into bad maintenance
Greg: Flock/herd
Aggregate – combinedSegregate – divideCongregation – a group of people regularly attending a place of worshipGregarious - sociable
Cord: Heart
Accord, concord – agreement from the heartDiscord – disagreement from the heartCordial – friendly relationshipCardio – heartCardiologist – Specialist with the heart
Cid/Cis: Cut
Incision - cut (surgery)Suicide – cutting/killing of oneself’Homicide – killing of someone elseMatricide – killing of one’s motherScissors – tool used to cutRegicide – killing of a king
Claus/clos/claud: close
Claustrophobia –fear of closed spacesConclude – endOcclude – close, shut, or stop upCloseClosureCloister – religious seclusion (monastery)Seclusion - isolated
Cracy: Rule
Autocracy – self rulePlutocracy – Ruled by the richDemocracy – rule by the people: (Of the people, by the people)Theocracy – ruled by God
Nat: Born
Natural - existing in or formed by natureInnate – Inborn (existing in one from birth)Natal – birthNeonatal – new birthPostnatal – after birthPrenatal – before birthNative – place of one’s birthNational – common to the whole people of a country





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Root Words Review -