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Case Study Gastroenteriti_Instructor Version

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Gastroenteritis at a University in Texas
Based on an investigation completed byNicholas A. Daniels,David A.Bergmire-Sweat,Kellogg J.Schwab, et al.
Question 1:What questions (or types of questions) would you ask the student?
Question 2:Do you think the student’s complaint should be investigated further? (VOTE)A) DefinitelyB) ProbablyC) Probably notD) Definitely not
Question 3:Do you think these cases of gastrointestinal illness represent an outbreak at the university? Why or why not?
Question 4:How might you interpret the bacterial culture results?
Question 5:Based on the findings so far, what type of agent do you think might be causing this outbreak? (VOTE)A) BacteriaB) VirusC) ParasiteD) Preformed toxin or chemical
Question 6:Based on the epidemic curve and likely causative agent, what is the likely mode of transmission and the period of interest for possible exposures related to this outbreak?
Question 7:At this point, what is your leading hypothesis on the mode of transmission in this outbreak? (VOTE)A) FoodborneB) WaterborneC) Person-to-person transmissionD) Animal-to-person transmission
Question8:What studies or other investigations would you undertake to explore this hypothesis?
Question 9:What instructions would you give tohealth-careproviders for the collection of stool specimens from patients? Include instructions on how specimens should be collected, stored, and transported.
Question 10:Given that investigators suspect a virus as the causative agent, what contributing factors are likely to have played a role in this outbreak?
Question 11:What activities would you undertake during the environmental health assessment? What key areas should be explored during interviews with the cafeteria food workers?
Question 12:Do you agree with the decision to close the deli bar? (VOTE)A) DefinitelyB) ProbablyC) Probably notD) Definitely not
Question 13: Interpret the results.
Question 14:What actions would you recommend/ require for the reopening of the deli bar?





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Case Study Gastroenteriti_Instructor Version