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Improving Vocabulary Skills - Rowan County Schools

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Improving Vocabulary Skills
Matching words with definitions
To draw forthTo stop; bring to an endOrderly; systematicClose; near (to something)Able to be touched; having form and matterNo longer active or in use; out of dateTo increase or intensifyGreat praise or applause; enthusiastic approvalTo hold the full attention of; absorbTo use selfishly or unethically; take unfair advantage of
Sentence check one
A wedding ring is a(n) _____ expression of a couple’s commitment to each other.If solar energy becomes as cheap and plentiful as sunshine, nuclear energy, which is expensive, may become _____.With movies likeSaving Private Ryan, Forrest GumpandCast Awayto his credit, actor Tom Hanks has won Oscars and the _____ of admiring critics.Our house is _____ to one with a high wooden fence, so our view on that side is completely blocked.The shouting match between Rose and her brother _____(e)d until it was so loud that the neighbors complained.
Sentence check one
a. acclaim b. adjacent c. elicit d. engross e. escalatef. exploit g. methodical h. obsoletei. tangible j. terminate
Sometimes an article I’m reading on the bus will _____ me so much that I’ll pass my stop.When workers fell _____(e)d by their employers, they often go on strike for larger salaries and better working conditions.Diana is very _____ about writing letters. She keeps her writing materials in one spot, makes a list of the people she owes letter to, and writes once a week.When Luke was caught stealing money on the job, the company _____(e)d his employment and brought him up on criminal charges.In one disturbing survey, the question “Which do you like better, TV or Daddy?” _____(e)d this response from a number of children: “TV.”
Sentence check Two
a. acclaim b. adjacent c. elicit d. engross e. escalatef. exploit g. methodical h. obsoletei. tangible j. terminate
1-2.The gifted ice skater’s routine _____(e)d the audience. It was the epitome of grace and power combined. At the end, a long, rapid spin _____(e)d a burst of applause.3-4.Although hand-crafted furniture is almost _____, mass production hasn’t yet _____(e)d all demand for it.5-6.Workers want _____ rewards such as money and a pension, but they also welcome less concrete benefits, such as _____ for a job well done.7-8.The more the British _____(e)d the American colonies by taxing them unfairly, the more the colonists’ animosity toward the British _____(e)d.9-10.Patty’s _____ baking technique includes arranging all ingredients in a row, with each one _____ to the one that is used after it.
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Improving Vocabulary Skills - Rowan County Schools