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Cavalier Poets
Cavalier meant horsemen prior to being attributed to this groupRoyalistsCharles I supported them
Entertainment rather than instructionConversational styleElaborate conceits – though less obscureMeditative toneClassicism – focus on Greek and Roman poetryRegular poetic formHeroic couplets – pairs of rhymed iambic pentameter linesSarcastic commentary on pursuit of coy beauties
Ben Johnson and “Friends of Ben”Sir John SucklingRobert HerrickRichard LovelaceAndrew Marvel (?)
Let’s Try one…
“To His Coy Mistress”SyllogismAll men are mortal (major premise)Aristotle was a man (minor premise)Therefore, Aristotle was mortal (conclusion)Those who perjure themselves cannot be trusted (major premise)This man has perjured himself (minor premise)…This man cannot be trusted (conclusion)
“To His coy mistress”
Level 1Who is the speaker of the poem?To whom is he speaking?What is his basic argument? Create a syllogismLevel 2What is the structure of the poem?What is the tone?What imagery exists?Level 3What is the theme?Booklists him with the Cavaliers but most consider him a Metaphysical poet. Which is it?
“To his coy mistress”
Keeping the syllogism in mind and how each stanza represents one part (stanza 1 = major premise, stanza 2 = minor premise, stanza 3 = conclusion)With this in mind, choose a single metaphor or image and argue why that metaphor or image is appropriate to the stanza, based on your understanding of how each stanza builds Marvell’s overall argument. Do this in paragraph form, one per group, take about 15 minutes.A modern “To His CoyMistress”
Your job…
Find a group of about 4 people, read and analyze the 2 selected poems, complete the chart, prepare for quick discussion.Homework…carpe diem for others





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Cavalier Poets - Amazon Web Services