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Cairns Hockey Officiating

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Cairns Hockey Officiating
Formal Umpiring Structure 2019
In 2019, the CHA umpiring committee are developing a new structure that provides an umpiring pathway from junior beginners to Elite umpires capable of umpiring at National Senior Level.This extends the program established in 2018 from Junior games to all games P1-2 to A Grade (excluding Masters)Aims to engage with all CHA members to encourage the support needed to run the program
Flowchart of Structure – Combined Junior and Senior Umpiring Program
Pathway for Cairns umpires
Level 6 – Beginner Umpires (P1-2, 3-4)Level 5 – Junior Umpires ( P5-6, S4 )Level 4 – Intermediate. Junior Umpires (S3, S2, C Grade)Level 3 – Adv. Junior / Senior Umpires (S1, B Grade)Level 2 – Advanced Senior Umpires (B Grade / A Grade)Level 1 – Elite Umpires ( A Grade )
Level 6 – Beginner Umpires
All players P5-6 and above encouraged to get involved at this entry level.Level 6 – Beginner umpires umpiring P1-2 and P3-4 games. 4 identified as reserves for L5 games.Club Mentors needed to identify and encourage young players into the umpiring group each year.Nominations called …. Need group of 20 umpires to roster
Level 5 – Junior Umpires (P5-6, S4)
Identify group 20 Umpires to umpire at this level.Support the group each week with on-field support from L4 group and above.Encourage group to achieve HA Community level by end of seasonSupport this group with an appointed coach/es to mentor for this level.Additional support needed from watching parents and senior players to mentor each week to review and support the junior umpires and mentors.Complete on-line theory at beginning of seasonAttend junior camp in February
Level 4 – Intermediate Junior Umpires (S3,S2 and C Grade)
Level 4 – S2 Ladies, S3 Boys and Girls.Identify group of 22 Umpires to umpire at this level.Support the group each week with 4 umpires from L3 group.May need additional numbers in this group to deal with allocation challenges across Fri Night and Sat mornings.Support this group with an appointed coach/es to mentor for this level.Umpires have achieved HA Community assessment and are working towards HQ community advanced level.Nominations for State Under U13 Championships
Level 3 – Advanced Junior / Senior Umpires( S1 and B Grade )
Identify group of 12 umpires to umpire all games at this level.Supported by 4 umpires rostered each week from L2 as mentors and 4 from Level 4 as reserve support.All umpires at this Level have HQ Community Advancedaccrediatationor are working towards it.Support this group with an appointed coach mentor for this level. CHA allocated tech official on every game.Nominations for State U13 and U15 Championships
Level 2 – Advanced Senior Umpires ( B Grade Men and A Grade Ladies )
Identify group of 12 Umpires male or female to umpire all A Ladies and B Men games.All umpires be aiming to achieve HA Level 1 accreditation by end of the season. 2 from this group allocated as reserve umpires to the L1 group.Each week 2 umpires will umpire all with L1 umpire support on A Ladies and B Men Games.Each week 2 of the umpires will umpire as senior umpires with the L3 group.Support this group with an appointed coach mentor for this level.Nominations for U15/U18 StatetitesAll umpires Community Adv.Acceditedand working towards L1 Accreditation
Level 1 – Elite Umpires (AgradeMen and Ladies )
Identify at start of season pool of the best 8 umpires Male or Female to umpire all A Grade men’s games.Each week 2 umpires will be rostered at L2 level as mentor supportAll umpires to have or be aiming to achieve HQ Level 1 accreditation by season end.Support this Level with an appointed coach / mentor.Recruitment needed here to re-engage with best umpires available in Cairns.Panalistswould be expected to umpire 1 game per week.Nominations for U18 and State senior championships
Administrative Support and Funding
To support the program I believe the Umpiring structure needs the following Support.Chairman of the committee, to drive the direction of the group. Provide a point of contact between CHA board, club executives .Club representative, point of contact for each club toliasebetween club executives and the umpiring committee.Secretary / Records Officer, CHA staff member ? to maintain records and keep records of correspondence.Allocations officer to allocate games each week, non-voting member of the competitions committee to engage with club representatives. Ensure umpires are considered as a part of the formation of the season draw.Line mentors/ Coach. L1-6. Each line to have a mentor that is point of contact for that level’s umpiring group to provide support. Regularly reviews and assesses the performance of the group umpires. Level 1 and 2 mentors to be point of contact to engage and communicate with team coaches and managers in appropriate manner.Funding Officer, seek sponsors and grants for program. Co-ordinate finance and payments with Operations Manager.
Timetable to Implement
7/8/18 – Umpires group considers and agrees to adopt with modification if needed. Submit to CHA management for endorsement.11/9/18. Arrange meeting post-season with Umpiring group, seniorumpires,Seniorcoaches and players, club executives to discuss and get acceptance. Modify as needed.Present to CHA board and club executives for endorsement for 2019.Present to members forum. Modify as needed.Early January call meeting to elect administration group for 2019 umpires group. Establish roles of members. Nominations for coaches and Level mentors.3 weeks before season Nominations for umpiring group for 2019. Sort into Levels L1-6.22-23/2/18 Junior umpiring camp. Senior umpires get together in groups / levels1 Week before season starts meeting with 2019 A Grade coaches and managers and Level 1 and 2 umpires. Set standards and expectations agreed to by Level 1 umpires and A Grade playing group
Costing of the program. Based on 2018 season to CHA members.
Costs of the program are outlined as per summary below.





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Cairns Hockey Officiating