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Amphetamine Michelle Lubrano Teaching Concepts of Health ...

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AmphetamineMichelle LubranoTeaching Concepts of Health Education IDrug Investigation AssignmentSpring 2010
Amphetamine Names
Street Names:Bennies, crank, black beauties, bumble bees, co-pilots, crystal meth,dexies, heartsBrand Names:AdderallanddexedrineChemical Name:amphetamines,dextroamphetamines, and methamphetamines
What is Amphetamine?
(Stimulant and Appetite suppressant)Amphetaminestimulates the central nervous system by increasing the amount of certain chemicals in the body.Main Action of Amphetamine;Increase the synaptic activity of the dopamine andnorepinephrine.cause the release of dopamine from axon terminals.block dopamine reuptake.inhibit the storage of dopamine in vesicles.inhibit the destruction of dopamine by enzymes.Amphetamine primarily used to treat narcolepsy and attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity (ADHD).
History of Amphetamine
First synthesized in 1887 in GermanyMarketed first in 1992 as a Benzedrine inhaler (asthma)1935 Dexedrine (narcolepsy)1940s –widely used as diet pillsUsed in WWII by military to decrease fatigue1970 10 billion amphetamine pills were produced in USA peryearat least 10% of USA population > 14 years old had used some form ofthis drug(dieters, students, truck drivers, laborers, etc.)Now used for narcolepsy, ADD, & ADHD**Rated 8.6 out of 10 by**
Effects of Amphetamines
Psychological Effects:low dosealertness, euphoria, increased motor performance and energy, irritability, restlessness, and panic.High dosesbrief psychosis, increased aggressiveness, and antisocial behaviors.Physical Effects:Body becomes ready for "fight or flight“stroke, heart attack, or kidney failurePart of Body it Effects:Central Nervous System (CNS)Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)
How do you take it?With a full glass of waterDo not take in evening (insomnia)Don’t crush, chew, or open any amphetamine capsules. Swallow them whole.Only take amount prescribed to youMay also be sniffed or injectedWhat do they look like?Small round pills or capsulesWhite, or clear crystallized, some with tints of yellow/blue
Abusers can easily become addicted.Amphetamine effects are similar to cocaine.Tolerance Effect.Withdrawal symptoms:Confusion, apathy, irritability, depression, increased appetite and need for sleepShould talk to a doctor before going off of amphetamines if taken for a long time
Short & Long Term Effects
Short TermIncreased heart rateIncreased blood pressureReduced appetiteDilation of the pupilsFeelings of happiness and powerReduced fatigue
Long TermInsomnia, restlessness"Paranoid psychosis"HallucinationsViolent and aggressive behaviorWeight lossTremors
Recap!What have you learned?
What parts of the body do they effect?What is amphetamine?What possible side effects?What does it treat?





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Amphetamine Michelle Lubrano Teaching Concepts of Health ...