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USMLE Step 1 -

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USMLE Step 1
Nuts & Bolts: Policy, Registration, Study Schedules & Support Services
October 11, 2017
Review UC Davis SOM policy related to Step 1Provide information related to registration, scheduling and testing accommodations for Step 1Provide an outline of deadlines and events related to Step 1 preparationDescribe support available as you prepare for Step 1
You must take and complete the exam by the Sunday prior to the beginning of Transition to ClerkshipSunday, April 22, 2018Exceptions to this date can only be granted by the Committee on Student Promotions to defer clerkship #1 – last day of winter quarter (March 23, 2018)Request to defer third year – seven days before start of Transition to Clerkship (April 16, 2018)
UC Davis School of Medicine Policy
Go towww.nbme.orgClick on “Log-in to NBME Licensing Exam Services”Follow prompts to complete registrationSelect 90-day eligibility periodPrint Certification of Identification and Authorization Form, attach picture and deliver form to Registrar’s Office – Room 1208Take your ID when you submit form!
What is an eligibility period?90 day window in which you may schedule/take your examYou can not test outside of your eligibility period unless you:File for a ONE TIME extension$70 fee, no new scheduling permit until original eligibility expiresRe-register for the exam (i.e. pay another $600)
Selecting Your Eligibility Period
The first month of your eligibility period should be the month in which you are going to test.Last course ends February 23, 2018.Boards study typically lasts ~6 weeks.Eligibility period: April-May-June
Selecting Your Eligibility Period
Accommodations for documented disabilities covered under the Americans with Disabilities ActIf you currently have educational accommodations, please contact OSLER to discuss process for applying for accommodations for USMLE.Request for Personal Item ExceptionsHearing aids, insulin pumps, inhalers, etc.
NBME Accommodations/Requests for Personal Item Exceptions
You will receive an e-mail telling you that your scheduling permit is availableLog-in, click on “Scheduling Permit”Go toPrometricwebsite and schedule your test
Scheduling Your Exam
How short/long do you want your study period to be?Optimal is somewhere around six weeksHow “firm” doyouwantyourtest day to be?Will purchasing an expensive, non-refundable ticket help motivateyouto meet the deadline or cause anxiety?What are the “Must Have” elements of your study plan?Resources?Days off?Number of practice tests?Number of questions?If this is what I want to accomplish and the number of days I have, what will my days need to look like?
Before you schedule your exam, think about…
30 study days3 question bank “practice tests”3 NBME practice tests3.5 days of cumulative review
Transition to Clerkship
December 4: 11-5pmREQUIRED!Baseline assessmentJanuary 12: 9-3pmProgress checkAssessment after completing Cardiology and PulmonaryAssessment of review completed over Winter BreakFebruary 10: 9-3pmFinal progress checkAssessment after completing NephrologyOpportunity to make final adjustments to plan for intensive study
Comprehensive Basic Science Exam
Help interpreting your BSE scoreHelp planning a review for winter breakHelp building a study plan for the dedicated study periodProvide feedback on a study plan you have createdSix week guided study for students who need more structure and accountability
How can OSLER support you?
October-DecemberComplete registrationSelect and schedule test dayTake BSE exam – December 4Plan review for winter breakJanuaryTake second BSE – January 12Develop study schedule for March/AprilFebruaryTake third BSE – February 10Revise study schedule (if necessary)March-AprilStudy!Take Step 1
Fall-Winter-Spring Timeline
Be informedBe systematicBe reflectiveKnow yourself and what works for youAsk questions nowKnow that help is available
The Bottom Line
Step 1and ResidencyDr. [email protected] Support, Testing Accommodations & Personal Item ExceptionsJoanna [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Well-being and SupportDr. [email protected] [email protected]





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USMLE Step 1 -