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What is The Smith System_ -

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What is The Smith System?
The Smith System is a system of driving guidelines designed to help you drive safely and defensively. These guidelines include the following:
Aim highin Steering
Look well ahead of your vehicle as you drive. As a general rule, try to look 20-30 seconds ahead.
Keep your eyes moving
Search the scene constantly. Stay alert for changes on or near the roadway that might require you to adjust the speed or position of your vehicle.
Get the big picture
Search the whole scene not just part of it.Learn to look for things w/ crash potentialEx:vehicles, pedestrians, immovable objects, objects that block vision
Make surethat otherssee you
You must communicate with drivers and pedestrians.Make eye contact if possible.Drivewith lights on at alltimesEX:useblinkers, brake lights, hand signals, etc.
Leave yourself a way out
Always leave yourself a path of escape-a way to avoid a collision.As your judgement of time and space improve, you will learn to anticipate dangerous actions and minimize your risk
Which of the Smith system guidelines is being used in the following example?
The Smith system cont.
You see a vehicle stopped ahead of you so you tap your brakes so the car behind you know they need to prepare to stop.
Make sure others see you.
The Smith system cont.
You leave a responsible distance between you and the car in front of you, stopped at an intersection, so you can move around it to avoid a collision.
Leave yourself a way out.
The Smith system cont.
You scan a ½ mile ahead of your vehicle as you travel down the interstate, looking for possible hazards.
Aim high and look ahead
The Smith system cont.
As you drive down the road and scan the scene, you notice children playing by the roadside.
Keep your eyes moving.
The Smith system cont.
You see the whole scene at an intersection, not just the car in front of you.
See the big picture.
Be safe!





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What is The Smith System_ -