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Parabilis Facts & Figures – 01_12_08 – 01_12_09

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E-Procurement UpdateFASIG31stMay 2011Sally Phillips, Procurement Services
ParabilisFacts & Figures01/04/2010 to 31/03/2011
6,603Ordersproduced – 16% increase on 09/103,501,344 Spend – 90% increase on 09/101,412Suppliers currentlyregistered11Punchoutconnection145Hosted catalogues
Top10ParabilisSuppliers(by PO Volume)
Lyreco (P/O)Spot On supplies (H/C)Abbotts (H/C)Fisher Scientific (P/O)RS Components (P/O)P/O = Punch-Out Connection
Insight (P/O)Ashley HousePriniting(F/T)Onecall(P/O)Sigma Aldrich (P/O)Westward Paper (F/T)H/C = Hosted Catalogue
Enhancements - Live
Character limit has been increased from 100 to 2,500Comments field is now working on free text and hosted catalogue orders,punchoutbeing tested.E-mails, from EGS, are now sent directly to end users to show PO’s have reached the Market Place
Enhancements – Being Tested
Single account code instead of the current 10 segmentMixed ledgers – Research, General and Retails ledgers can be mixed.Split codes – PO lines can be split between account codes by %Mandatory category field will be pre-populated with ‘CAT A’
Future Enhancements
The ability to add comments, delivery dates and locations, per lineAttachments for web requisitionsInvestigations into timeouts
Current Issues
TimeoutsToo many screens with no common themeCannot change the invoice addressSuppliers sometimes say they haven’t received an orderProblems withpunchoutorders where products have registered trademarksRe-directed deliveries





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Parabilis Facts & Figures – 01_12_08 – 01_12_09