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8th Grade DOLS -

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8th Grade DOLS
DOL #1
ladies and gentlemenplease send me the following coins two wooden nickels one five dollar gold piece and threejeffersonnickelssincerelyericcameron
DOL #2
us girlshaventnever tore that paper intopeices.That lawn in my opinion has the greener grass inlouisvillekentucky
DOL #3
1. wont you givekimand I there popcorn2. we have knew thatprofbagleyplays golf real good
DOL #4
1. yesterdayiset downin the hammock and readthe adventuresof huckleberryfinna novel by mark twain2. their was two little water for the grass to grow more taller
DOL #5
1. maykurtand me go to riverside beach askedjan2. yes the two of you have your mothers permission to eat at our house
DOL #6
1. there reading arctic fury a short story2. last Saturdayiwashed dads car cut the grass and plant aunt sues bushes
DOL #12
1. there reading arctic fury a short story2. last Saturdayiwashed dads car cut the grass and planting aunt sues bushes.3. them boys have chose to order the following food hot dogs potato chips and chocolate milk.
1. snowy our cat is the whiter of all the cats on our block.2. she had lain the groceries on the counter but she had forgot to put the ice cream into the freezer.3.georgemy friend is traveling weston highway 66.
D.O.L. #15
1. my family however is spending it’s vacation in the east.2.iand my brother stayed at thelorrainehotel instlouismissouri.3.jeremyopened the door, and called out dinner is ready.
DOL #16
1. dad has tookpamandifishing many times.2.karensbike is the newer of the five bikes parked hear.3. during the nineteenth century therefamilyswealthhad grew.
DOL #17
1.thatsthe biggest fishiveever saw!2.ihave lain my backpack their many timesimsure.
DOL #19
1. matt and me have went tojohnsonshardware store to shop.2.theresthe knew offices of the jersey milk company.3. yesterday that girl lay treasure island an exciting book on her teachers desk.
DOL #21
1. mombrungthe groceries home or it could have also been dad.2. we sawprofcolesbuying the following items four bookstwo erasers and a pen.
DOL #23
1. This tree should of grown to be the biggest of these too.2. the man has took the Books to thelincolnmemorial library.**PLEASE CHECK THE MISSING WORK BOARD.IT HAS BEEN UPDATED!!**
DOL #24
1.saturnhas twenty moons, but earth only has one.2. she lives on twenty-second street south.3. tomorrow, john has a test infrenchand history.
DOL #25
Lesson 5 Vocabulary Review (1-14 & 1-6). This is on your table.
DOL #26
1. the thiefstealedto much merchandise too carry away in won trip.2. getyoureroom cleaned up said mother or your not going to theconcert tonight.3.ialways watch theolympicsthe world series and theindianapolis500 on television.
DOL #27
COPY THE ENTIRE ANALOGY1. Mountain: ________:: person: crowd.2. Urban: city:: _________::country.3. Frays: phrase:: grays: ___________.4. Butter: biscuits:: __________: pancakes.5. ________: starve:: suffocate:: air.
DOL #28
Complete the “Connect to Writing” (1-8) Activity in your grammar book.Follow book directionsPG. 826
DOL #29
Add commas where necessary to the following sentences:Jack bought bananas milk cereal and juice.On Saturday Jenna cleaned the house got groceries and saw a movie.My dog knows how to sit how to sleep and how to eat.
DOL #30
Using your book if needed, answer the following questions:1. What is a compound sentence?2. What do you have to have to make a compound sentence?3. What are the two ways to create a compound sentence.4. What does FANBOYS stand for?5. What punctuation mark do you have to use with a FANBOY in a compound sentence?6. What is arun-on sentence?
DOL #31
Answer the following questions in paragraph format:-What did you think about the Explore?-Which section did you find easiest?-Hardest?-Which area do you feel you need to be more prepared in?-How can your teachers help you prepare now that you’ve taken an “ACT type” test?
DOL #33
Add COMMAS ONLY where necessary. Some sentences may be correct (just write “C”)1. They thought they had arrived too early, but they had not.2. Before she started on her test Amy took several deep breaths to relax.3. Because she wanted to be considered for the job Eileen filled out an application form.4. Where the snow covers the ground all winter, animals have difficultyfinding food.
DOL #34
Vocabulary Review:1-14, Completing the Sentence1-6, AntonymsUSE YOUR VOCABULARY TO HELP YOU WITH THESE!!!h
DOL #36
Complete the Chapter 28 Post-Test on your desk. This is not group work. If you took notes throughout the chapter, you may use those.YOU MAY NOT USE YOUR BOOK.*When you finish this, make sure you are finished with the Mixed Review pg.846.
D.O.L. #37
dearmrbillingscall of the wild a novel has been sent to you it is a complimentary copy.sincerelyj nharris
D.O.L. #38
1. there takingmrsjacksonthere friend toyosemitenational park.2.theresthree frogs in this hear pond.3. the class has choseemmaand Ias guides.
DOL #39
1. yesterday the sun shined all day but it was still very cold.2. dad looked at me and shouteddontever do that again3. last year the lake had froze beforechristmas.
D.O.L. #41
We read the longest day a short story in class.My cousin will go to thesunnysideelementary school inbentonharbormichiganinthe fall.
D.O.L. #42
Vocabulary Review-Use your WORDS and DEFINITIONS (DOL #40) to help you complete the vocabulary review on your tables.Complete 1-14 AND 1-6When you finish, review your words with a partner.
GRAMMAR BOOKChapter 22 Pretest pg. 655 (1-5)Practice Your Skills pg. 656 (follow book directions)
DOL #45
USING YOUR VOCABULARY DEFINTIONS, complete the vocabulary review on your desk.1-14 AND 1-6AFTER YOU FINISH, call out words with a partner at your table.2nd9 Weeks DOL Check December 12thReward Day December 13th
DOL #46
1. by this evening I will havebrungall of the rocks and logs and wire to you’re house.2. the flowers in front of the canfield publishing company had froze.3. we can ride to the Quarry or we can walk to the Beach.**THE MISSING WORK BOARD HAS BEEN UPDATED. THESE ASSIGNMENTS NEED TO BE TURNED IN TO ME BY MONDAY, OR HIGH EXPECTATIONS WILL BE ASSIGNED!
November 14, 2013
Number your quiz paper 1-20.Label it “Lesson 8 Quiz”REVIEW YOUR WORDS!After your quiz, define Lesson 9 Words (these will be on the board after your quiz)HAPPY FRIDAY
DOL #48
Italics and Quotation Marks Pre-TestPg. 853 (1-10)Pg. 855, Practice Your Skills(1-7)
DOL #49
VOCABULARY REVIEW (On your desks)Complete both parts USING YOUR WORDS.If you didn’t complete definitions, there are copies on the table by the printer
D.O.L. #50
1. after us have left there we will do the following find a cabin eat our supper and will go fishing.2. its easiest too lift the smallest of thetoo stones.
Friday, November 22, 2o13
Label your vocabulary quiz paper “Lesson 9 Quiz.”Number it 1-20.Review your words briefly.,AFTER THE QUIZ, you will complete the writing assignment on the board. It is the 2ndpart of your test from yesterday. It is worth 50 points.
Part Two of Chapter 3 Test
Using pg. 80 as your guide, you are going to write a Movie Review of a movie you have seen recently or maybe just your favorite movie.Your paragraph must contain the following elements:Grading RubricTopic sentence (10 points)________4-6 Supporting sentences (20 points)_______Concluding Sentence (10 points)__________Unity & Coherence (10 points)___________*Please copy this rubric at the bottom of your paper*
DOL #51
Grammar Review: Principal Parts VerbsUsing Verbs: Pretest #2, pg. 673 (1-10)Practice Your Skills pg. 675 (1-12) *Make sure to use the blue charts on pg. 675to help you!!*
DOL #52
1. right your name in the corner he said and put your title on the first line.2. when is your school having it’s open house asked mary.3. one of the bird’s is making it’s nest.4.imrighting a letter to sports illustrated myfavorite magazine.
DOL #53
1. she reminded him by the way that he had already shook the can of paint.2. inchicago,illinoiswe stayed at theconradhiltonhotel.3. the burglar would of stole my watch ifihadntbeen wearing it.
Lesson 10 Vocabulary Words –Around the House*QUIZNEXT WEDNESDAY(12/12)
1. Alcove 9. Habitable2. Appliance (2) 10. Hovel3. Atrium(1.B) 11. Insulation (1&2)4. Candelabrum 12. Lair5. Canister 13. Lavatory6. Domestic 14. Ottoman (6)7. Enclosure (5 &6) 15. Porcelain8. Grille





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8th Grade DOLS -