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What century was Hamlet written in_ -

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What century was Hamlet written in?
What country does Hamlet take place?
What castle does Hamlet take place?
Who is the king when the play actually starts?
Who did Claudius have to kill to become king?
How do we know (or suspect) that Claudius killed Hamlet
What relation is Claudius to Hamlet?
Describe the circumstances under which Hamlet is murdered
Finish the line: “oh that this tootoosolid ____________ would melt”
“I will speak _________ to her but use none.”
To whom was he referring when he said that?
“Get thee to a ___________”
To whom was Hamlet speaking?
“neither a _________ nor a lender be”
Who was Polonius giving this advice?
Where does Hamlet go to college?
Why should Hamlet distrust the ghost of his father?
“The __________ the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king!”
What is the name of the play that Hamlet has the players perform?
Where doesLaertesgo to college?
Ophelia is killed while doing what?
In the duel betweenLaertesand Hamlet-who strikes first
Who is Hamlet’s foil?
Who can we assume becomes king at the end of the play?
Polonius is killed under what circumstances
“O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself aking of infinite space—were it not that I have ________.”
WhenLaertesreturns from Paris, who accompanies him into the castle?
The To be or not to be speech is about Hamlet contemplating what??
Where is Hamlet banished after killing Polonius?
Who is supposed to accompany him?
Hamlet returns to Denmark just as what is happening?
“O Cursed ___________ that ever I was born to set it right!”
Gertrude is killed after she?
How does Claudius react to the play?
Who summons Hamlet for a little talk after the play?
How does Hamlet ensure that Claudius will die?
“Something is ____________ in the state of Denmark.”
Who tells Hamlet’s story toFortinbras?
In order to not upset Gertrude,Laerteshave to make Hamlet’s death look how?
“Nothing but to show you how akingmay go a progress through the guts of a____________”
“do not show me the steepand thorny way to ___________”





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What century was Hamlet written in_ -