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Welcome to History

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Welcome toMr. F’s History Class
Name?(Not the Ting tangs)
You may call me any of the followingNick (I prefer)Mr. NickMr. FFraschMr. Frasch
Stateyourname (include a nickname if you prefer)Tell the class One Academic Strength you have, and tell the class One Personal Strength you have
Weekly Agenda
The weekly agenda(day by day of activities and assignments)is always available on the west whiteboardIt displays Friday to Friday of each weekLook to the agenda to see what we are doing in class for theday,or what we have done in class on a previous day if you were absent
ALL classwork/ homework must go in to your binder—hole punched, and in sequentialorderBinders are teacher assessed each week. In-Class work and In-Class Homework must be thereIf work is not in there, or if your work is not organized, you will not receive a gradeBinders need to stay in the classroomStay Organized, it may help you pass the midterm and finalexams
Email and Folders
Each Student will be provided an email resembling [email protected] email is to be used in order to communicate with teachers & staff at the schoolPlease do not send emails from non-school email addressesPlease do not send emails about anything non-school relatedEach Student will create a shared folder on their Google Drive(Connected to your School Email)Create 1 Folder for eachclassThe How-To video is on the site under Student ResourcesContinues
Email and Folders Continued
General InstructionsMy DriveCreate a new 2018-2019 folderCreate 1 folder for each class. Ex: 1- Your Name-U.S.HistoryShare the 2018-2019 [email protected] all papers in your folders! It may help you Graduate!Need more time or additional Help (see handout)
Restroom Breaks
The following arethe RestroomGuidelines(Assuming we arenoton RestrictedMovement)Need to go to the restroom?No restroom first 20 minutes/ last 20 minutes (School Policy)One Student at a time/ Take the Pass. Don’t know if someone is missing? Pay attention, please don’t ask meUse an appropriate time (do not go when I am about to deliver instructions or discuss something important)Are you a bathroom hallway roamer (e.g. 10 min every class)? If so, and the kind policy I offer is taken advantage of, you will lose Restroom Privileges for the rest of the quarter
Review and Discuss Cell Phone PrivilegeAgreementAbsolutelyNo Picture Taking/Snapchatting/ orInstagramminginside the classroom!The only pictures students can take are of notes or materials. Teacher permission required.Notexting or phone use while a student or the teacher is talking or presenting.If needed, a student may respond or send a text while working independently. However, texting more than a few times in one class period displays abuse of privilege and the phone may/ will be taken to Bridges.Students may use their phones to look up words and definitions, complete assignments on the class website, or type papers (with teacher approval).Individual and/or class privileges can be taken away at any time.
www.mrfhistory.comEVERYTHING we do is on the website
Timeliness and Preparation
Class Starts on the Third BellBe in your Seat, With Your Binder and other Needed Supplies, Ready to EngageIf you Are Late,youMust Have a Pass, or just go to Bridges
Late or Tardy
If you are late to classPleaseenter quietly & respect the work that is already in progress.If I have already taken attendance, it will be up to YOU to write me a note and request I change the attendance record.I will not stop class and take attendance after it has already been submitted
Absent, Fieldtrip, Missed Assignments?
It isYOURresponsibility to get the work from…Websitewww.mrfhistory.comBefore Schoolor duringPassing Period. Do Not Ask Me once Class hasalready Started.Please…I truly don’t care or judge why you were absent- sick, skipping, need to take care of grandma- it does not matter to me, just make sure you get the work or complete the assignment.After 11 absences, you may no longer earn credit for the class (School Policy)
Classroom Behaviors
Learn, ExpandyourPerspective, OpenyourUnderstanding, Learn to Think foryourself, Be Respectful of all Ideas and Thoughts, BringyourBestyouto Every Class.Additional Thoughts From My PerspectiveYou are a Young Adult, Please do not actimmatureI will treat you with Respect and Dignity Unless you Chose otherwiseYou are here to LearnContinues
Classroom Participation Rubric
Food & Snacks
I do not mind if you eat a snack during class or eat your school provided breakfast during 1stperiodPlease- Clean up after yourself and do not place liquids in the trashcanPlease- No Aroma Heavy Foods in the classroom(EX: McDonalds, Panda, or Wild Squirrel Stew after Lunch)
First Come,FirstChoiceI do not ‘do’ Seating Charts(See Maturity in the Above Slide)If your GF, BF, BFF, ExBFF, Sister, Niece, Auntie, Mom, Dad, or Brother is in the class with you, it is probably not a good idea to sit next to them
All “Homework” is done In-Class unless you are unable to meet the work timeexpectations or you are absentOne time each week, an assignment will be designated as, “In-Class Homework”This is your weekly Homework GradeDo Not Take Your Binders homeContinues
Homework Grade Rubric
It’s Your Grade, Earn itEach Student Starts with an A+Do not ask me in the hall, in the bathroom, or in line at Starbucks, what your grade is, or why you did or did not earn full points for somethingIf you have a question about your grade?Look it up in PowerSchool, then ask a specific question before school, during passing period, or during Independent worktimeContinues
Grading Point Scale-1000 Total Possible Points
Grading- How are Points Earned?
Current EventPapersDueevery other Friday. 50 points each (8 papers total /400 points Total)Weeklyin- class Reading and SummaryAssignments10points each (20 Assignments/200 points total)Homework10 points each/ (20 Assignments/200 points Total)MidTermExam100 pointsFinal Exam100points​Continues
Extra Credit (Enrichment)
Enrichment is Available Every Week on the Website(Excluding Week 1)Enrichment Assignments are due by 3:35 PM the Wednesday after the week they are offeredEnrichment Assignments range from— Videos, Movies, Lectures, Handouts, Readings, Worksheets, Art Assignments, & Group DebatesPlease, Please Do Notcome to me the last two-three weeks of a Quarter or a Semester and ask… “Is there anything I can do to pass? Or is There anything I can do tobring up my grade?”There will be 20 Enrichment assignments offered each week, take advantage of them
Tutoring&Office Hours
Office Hours are Monday and Wednesday, from 8:35-8:50 AM or by appointmentTutoring is available during In-Class Homework times or by appointmentPlease do not show up at lunch or afterschool fordrive-bytutoring. Make an appointment and please respect my time and space
During Non-School Hours, if you need to communicate with me, or have an emergency youmay choose one of the following:Contact Mrs. Ruth in the Front Office(leave a message)Send me an email (I only check email 2x per week, do not expect an immediate response)[email protected] Share Your Paper or FilePlease do notever sendemailsabout anything that is non-school relatedPlease do not leave messages onmy dialextension(I do not check the VM)
Incident Reports&Write-Ups
I prefer to Not complete Incident Reports, however; if for some reason you have forgotten the “Maturity” points in Classroom Expectations and Behavior and are acting in an unscholarly or unprofessional manner, then:I will usually point out the behavior, generally with sarcasmIf the behavior does not change, I will repeat point 1 with additional sarcasmIwill complete an Incident Report and describe to youexactlywhat I have written so there are no surprises when you and your guardians meet with administration





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Welcome to History