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Adding Value for Producers of Original Digital Video Content

Adding Value for Producers of Original Digital Video Content
Each of these long form series is vying for user attention.

They will need user acquisition as well as monetization solutions.
There is a mushrooming amount of original content produced by online entities large (Netflix, Amazon, Yahoo) and small (Crackle, BitTorrent, Tribune Media).
Users are eager to consume this content, are looking for more, and regard ads in the same way as they do TV advertising.
Media buyers switching ad dollars from TV to digital forsee original content as starting to become as important as their TV buys.
"Expectations are particularly high for original content.

Executives surveyed said they plan to nearly spend half (48%) of their internet video budget on “made for digital” video programming in 2014, up from 44 percent in 2012.

Three out of four advertisers (75%) foresee original digital programming starting to become as important as TV programming within the next three to five years."
2015 NewFronts expanded another day to accommodate demand for slots. 33 presenters will be presenting.
BitTorrent takes on Netflix and Amazon with new original content partnership
Digital Video Content Producer Jobs -
656 jobs available on
Tribune Media's WGN America Relaunches as Destination for Original Content

Network’s First Original, Scripted Drama ‘Salem’ to Premiere Sunday, April 20, 2014

‘Manhattan’ to Premiere July 2014

‘Ten Commandments’ Scripted Event Series Ordered from The Weinstein Company;
10 Filmmakers, Each to Direct a Single Commandment
52 Million US Viewers Watch Original Digital Video Each Month (MediaPost)

Consumer are open to exploring more content. (They also relate to online ads like TV ads!)

Multi-screen solution is critical even though most content is viewed on laptop/desktop screens
How we help....
...their content across the web


Monetize users and retarget old
...their content on their site
Provide an instream monetization solution during play of original content
Develop ad units that can monetize their viewership without affecting member retention
Can use as supply inventory for other content providers if approved
Aggregate content links and teaser clips
Distribute through pub network, banner network, O&O, desktop apps
User target to tastes, profiles
Click to content site or promo page
Original Digital Video Content Market
Just Getting Started
Lots of Buzz
Eyeballs Are There = Opportunity
CPC or CPA for teaser impressions / clicks on content widget

CPM for promo clip distribution

CPM for preroll / instream ads on content site

CPA for new user registration / retargeting on content site

Service revenue for in-stream ad serving (may also provide inventory for other content providers if approved)
Recommended content widget for Tier 1 publishers that complements Taboola
Show teaser clip (<5 sec) on mouse over
Click drives to promo page or content site

Promo clips (<90 sec) are really video ads that can be promoted on AdConductor, Rhythm, O&O's, TVE and Skyrocket

Pilot or free episodes can be promoted on O&O's, TVE and Skyrocket
Free episodes are brand safe - instream sales possible

Offer in-stream ad serving service on content site
User Experiences
Revenue Opportunities
Original Digital Video Content

A new market waiting to exploit

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Adding Value for Producers of Original Digital Video Content