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Monitoring, closeout, and program amendments

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Grantee Workshop
Procurement Policy(Handbook Page 30)
All grantees must have an adopted Procurement policy that is equivalent to requirements in 2 CFR 200.318-200.326.Sample policy is included as Exhibit A-33.
Procurement of Professional Services (Handbook Page 31)
Procurement of professional services (administrative consulting and engineering services) is required prior to submittal of application.Grantees are not allowed to terminate these services without permission from OCD if using grant funds to pay for these services.If there is a need to procure additional professional services during the grant, see pages 31-35Contract requirements, see pages 35-38
Contractor Clearance (Handbook Page 38-39)
Administrative consulting, architectural, and engineering firms that have not provided services to grantees under the LCDBG Program within the previous five program years, regardless of the source of funding, must be cleared. Exhibit A-39Should be obtained following grant award and before any costs are incurred other than pre-agreement costs.
Recordkeeping for Procurement (Handbook Page 39)
Copy of AdvertisementsCopy of package requesting RFPs or qualification statementsDescription of method used to select consultantsRFPs and qualification statements receivedWritten evaluations and statement explaining basis of selectionCost and price detail summary sheetClearance of firms, if necessary
Procurement of materials, supplies and construction services(Handbook Pages 39-46)
Micro-Purchase – Up to $3,000Small Purchase – Materials and supplies less than $30,000 and construction services not more than $154,450Competitive Sealed Bids – Materials and supplies $30,000 and up as well as construction servicesexceeding $154,450. Must receive two bids. If not, contact OCD.Noncompetitive Negotiation – only used with written approval from OCD
Bid Advertisement(Handbook Page 44)
Must be published once a week for three different weeks in a newspaper in the locality.First advertisement must appear at least 25 days before opening of bids and must not occur on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday.
Bid/Contract Documents and Bid Opening
OCD must receive a copy of all addendaContract Documents Guide Exhibit A-44Suggested that bid package is reviewed in its entirety by legal counselMust maintain copy of minutes of bid opening, roster of attendees, and tabulation of bidsAction must be taken within 45 daysMay extend deadline to take action by written mutual consent in 30 calendar day increments
Procedures for when bids exceed cost estimates (Handbook Pages 45-46)
Reject all bidsReallocate fundsInject local fundsAward to low bidder and execute change order to bring cost down.Must get approval from OCD to make changes to the plans, execute change orders, or reallocate funds.
Next Steps…
Award ContractExecute contract and all required documentsHold pre-construction conferenceIssue notice to proceedProcess any needed change orders correctly





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Monitoring, closeout, and program amendments