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Establishing a Culture of Priestly andReligious Vocations
Five Star Program
Parishes want to establish a “culture of vocations”The question is, “How to do it?”Serra ClubsWe are the Catholic Organization that promotes priestly and religious vocations andWE NEED TO GET GOING!!
How Do We Start
All it seems you need to do is this:Spend $22 to order a Parish Vocations kit, and receive all the written materials you need to efficiently conduct the programConduct one gathering of your members who wish to participate to go over the simple instructions.Distribute the materials to your volunteers, and explain about finding a hidden vocation.Dispatch them with the materials on how to accomplish this.
First Visit to the Pastor
Go two by two like Jesus sent the ApostlesAsk St. Junipero Serra to help youSTEP #1Obtain the name the pastor liked to be called and the name of his secretary or administratorTake the 4 Five Star Pamphlets and 2 Crib CardsThe rest of the material is for later use.
Step #2
Phone or go to the office to obtain an appointment(Importance of face-to-face time.)Be prepared to work with the pastor or his disigneeAsk for an appointment to discuss how we could have one vocation activity in the parishNOTE: The less said the better—get the appointment.
Step #3
Share our joy at our recent canonization celebration of Saint Junipero SerraCompliment the pastor on something you like about the parishGive him one of the Five Star Pamphlets
Slowly ask these questions….
Do you think that someone we don’t know about might be being called to the priesthood or religious life in our parish?How can we help them answer that call?Would doing one of these 5 activities possibly help surface the vocation? Which one would you like to try?Who should we talk to from your staff about getting started?
Step #4
Thank the person for their time.Ask the secretary or administrator for the contact information for the person assigned to work with you.Make the follow-up appointment.
Step #5
At the follow-up appointment.Present a copy of the Five Star Pamphlet to your parish contact.Explain the program that was selected at the first appointment.Share a copy of the sheet which has the details for the program.NOTE: It is find if the parish wants to make some changes in the activity to make it their own.
Step #6
Stay involved until the program becomes well under way.Ask your Serra Club to help make the program work smoothly
Step #7
Keep your club informed on your progressEmail Judy Cozzens to let her know the progress your club is [email protected] Judy if you need more information and she will connect you with a person that has conducted the program before.
Marriage, Single Life, Religious and Priestly VocationsWe focus on religious and priestly vocationsPriestly and religious vocations are everyone’s business.
We will quicklyReview the Five Programs
SERRA will help!
The Five Star ProgramWell organized for YOUR parish.Detailed explanations on websiteInformation to obtain needed resourcesAll resources free except traveling kitLet’s Get Started
Star One:The Traveling Chalice*
Directly involves people in the parishParishioners take the chalice home and pray.It may be the first time they pray for religious vocationsIt provides an opportunity to invite other Catholics to pray with you*A crucifix can be substituted for a chalice but we will use the chalice in our discussions
Traveling Chalice
Priest presents Chalice at MassTake home, display and pray each dayRecord the family’s or person’s thoughts in a journal
Traveling Chalice
To implementObtain support of pastorSelect key person to run the programSecure traveling chalice, case and journalEncourage, publicize, schedule and remindProgram should continue at least 26 weeksProgram develops a rhythm
Components of ProgramA Chalice or crucifixCarryingCaseMemory BookVocation PrayersSee resource material
Components of Program
Star Two:Bulletin Announcements
Bulletin AnnouncementsIncrease awareness about vocationsStimulate thoughts about life’s journeyEncourage a fulfilling holy lifeThese announcements address all vocations
Bulletin Announcements
Announcements are on the website.Announcements encourage the parish to explore vocationsAnnouncements include possible publicity announcements for items in the Five Star Program
Bulletin Announcements
Announcements can be given to individual that prepares the bulletinVaried sizes make it easy to find one that fits the occasion and spaceAvailable to copy and paste or print from the website also.
Star Three: “The 31 Club”
Promoting prayer for vocations is at the heart of our mission and makes parishioners aware of their role.This“no dues, no meetings club”is a greatway to stimulate the “culture of vocations”
The “The 31 Club”
Parishioners sign up to attend Mass or pray one day each month for vocationsSecure or make a large poster calendarMount on foam board with attached pencilPublicize for participantsRepeat each yearDisplay calendar
Star Four: Celebrate Priestly & Religious Life
National Vocation EventsPriesthood Sunday (Fall)World Day of Prayer for Vocations(Good Shepherd Sunday- the third Sunday after Easter)World Day of Prayer for Consecrated LifeNational Vocation Awareness Week
Celebrate Priestly & Religious Life
Suggest you choose one the first yearPriesthood Sunday might be a good startShows appreciation for our clergyHighlights priestly vocationsGreat ideas to choose from on websiteHoly CardsReceptionVocation homilyAnd more
Star Five: Holy Hour
Holy Hour for priestly and religious vocationsSchedule a convenient timePublicizeGather and prayCheck out suggested prayers/script on websiteSome parishes do this weekly or monthly
Five Star Program Celebration
After one yearCelebrate with a social time for participantsHonor key person and pastorUse names gathered to form a parish vocation committee
Promoting vocations…
The priestly vocation is a gift from God. It is undoubtedly a great good for the person who is its first recipient. But it is also a gift to the Church as a whole, a benefit to her life and mission. The Church, therefore, is called to safeguard this gift, to esteem it and love it. She is responsible for the birth and development of priestly vocations.—Pope John Paul II,APOSTOLIC EXHORTATION,PASTORES DABOVOBIS, CHAPTER IV-COME AND SEE
Five Star Program
Pray hardWork DiligentlyCreate a CULTURE OF VOCATIONS in your parish
I’m too old…..
Remember St. Junipero Serra was 57 years old when he started to build missions in CaliforniaHe had a bad leg and walked thousands of milesHe did not complain about how busy he was or how old he wasYOU CAN STILL HELP OUR CHURCH!!
Thank you
Thank you for promoting a culture of vocations in your parishThank you for working to answer the question…WHO WILL SERVE ON YOUR ALTAR IN THE FUTURE?





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