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Monday February 2, 2015 - PC__MAC

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Opening:Any questions before the quiz?
Warm-Up:Summarize chapters 5-7 in 3 sentences
Work Period:Quiz chapter 5-7Copy new vocabulary words Unit 9Read chapter 8 silently and work on study guide
Closing:Quiz chapters 8-10 on Friday
Homework:AFch.8 read and study guide
Opening:What moral doesAnimal Farmteach?
Work Period:Check answers to study guidech.8Listen toch.9Check answers to study guidech.9
Closing:Progress reports next week – am I missing anything?
Homework:AFch.10read and study guideQuizch.8-10 on Friday
Tuesday Warm-Up
(1) What is the principle of nationalism? (2)I would say briefly that the Principle of nationalism is equivalent to the "doctrine of the state." The Chinese people have shown the greatest loyalty to family and clan with the result that in China there have been family-ism andclanismbut not real nationalism. (3)The unity of the Chinese people has stopped short at the clan and has not extended to the nation. (4) But the Chinese people are diligent workers.
Which sentence does NOT belong in the paragraph?Why?
Opening:Take out study guide to be checked.
WorkPeriod:Check answers to study guideIntroduction to historical narrativeWatch biography of Shakespeare and answer questions
Closing:Progress reports next week – am I missing anything?
Homework:Quiz chapters 8-10 FridayExtra credit – What is one of the conspiracy theories related to Shakespeare? You must write it down.
Wednesday Warm-Up
1. A small ship called the Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, England, on September 16, 1620.2. These people came to be calledPilgrimsand borrowed money from English merchants in order to make the journey across the Atlantic Ocean.3. On board were over one hundred passengers.4.Many of the passengers were Puritans who had been persecuted for their religious beliefs in England.
Read the four sentences and determine the most logical order for the sentences. Why did you choose that order?
Opening:What is a narrative?
Work Period:Review MLA formattingBegin planning plot for historical narrative
Closing:Quiz chapters 8-10 on Friday
Homework:Quizch.8-10 tomorrowAF test Monday
Thursday Warm-Up
Timothy is writing an essay about adopting pets from an animal shelter. Which is the BEST way for him to start the essay?
listingthe names and phone numbers of local animalsheltersB) explainingthe pet population problem in the United StatesC) describingthe types of pets that shelters careforD) statingthe fees associated with pet adoption
Opening:Any questions before the quiz?
Warm-Up:Draw 2 vocabulary maps – look at example on board
Work Period:Quiz chapter 8-10Completing the sentence and check answers
Closing:Any questions before the test Monday?
Homework:AF test on Monday





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Monday February 2, 2015 - PC__MAC