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Finding a Job in Tough Times

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Finding a Jobin Tough Times
Presented byDr. Tim JohnsonFor prospective clients ofFinding a Jobin Tough Times
Who are you?
A recent college graduate.A member of a minority group.A laid off technology worker.A talent employee that wants more.Regardless…You’re looking for a job--a good job.One where you can show off your talents & bring home a little bacon.
What have you been through?
A seemingly endless round of interviews.A diminishing list of possibilities.While your background may not be outstanding, neither is it without merit.You’re proud of where you been and hopeful for the future.
What does the future look like?
What Happened?
For the recent college graduate:Coming out of an academic situation into the business world requires you to adjust.Problems can’t be solved within an hour.Your first “real job” is to nail down that first job.
Why ME?
For the minority or the technology worker:It’s not your fault.Economic conditions force managers to make decisions.They’d rather keep everyone and be thinking about hiring more personnel.They spent time and money training you, an investment thatyounow get to spend somewhere else.
What do you have to do to crack this nut?
It’s good you are reaching out to find out how the job search works.Through my life experiences as a young man and later when switching careers, I found a system that helped me stay on top of my game.It’s called…
Six Steps to a Paycheck
Here are the steps:Re-define yourselfRe-define your goalsRe-examine limitationsCreate opportunitiesNever say noFocus
Preview of the Book
This power point will now present highlights of each step.The goal is to give you a sense of what the book and course will address before you purchase the book or attend a seminar.It’s not a novel, it’s a workbook whose subject is you.
1. Re-define yourself
Getting into college was a big deal.The day you walked off the stage with the college diploma was a triumph.You persevered over many obstacles.Let’s take a look at that person..
2. Redefine your Goals
What are your goals, now?Getting into college was the 1stgoal.Graduating from college was the 2nd.What’s next?Have you set a new goal yet?Start Dreaming. Real goals start out as wishes.As I got better at job searching, I only worked at jobs I wanted to, I had input into my job search.
3. Re-examine Limitations
In setting your goal, you bump up against limitations.When you set a real goal, one that will get you up every morning brimming with energy and filled with excitement, you ignore limitations.Your plan deals with the limitations.All you have to do is execute the plan.We need to discover these limits and overcome them.
4.Creating Opportunities
Four PointsKeep your friendsMake new friendsGo where the action isGo with the flow
5. Never say No
Part of creating opportunities is being able to take advantage of them.Serendipity (coincidence) happens if you are available.People can’t come in if the door is closed.You can’t “afford” to say no.
6. Focus
Anything worth doing take time, skill, and learning.You’ll always get a feeling of pride in its accomplishment.Beware of distractions but give of your time to family and society.Enjoy.
Why buy this book?
You need to know when you are on the right track.You need to have ambitious goals you set.You need to know what training and education can get you where you want to be.You’ll get the experience, the job and get promoted.You’ve learned how to read the sign posts along the way.
Tricks for writing resumes
Since everyone now fills out and submits a resume via a computer service…How can you make sure your resume gets picked?The answer isKeyWordsand the trick to having the right keywords in your resume is in the book.





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Finding a Job in Tough Times