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First Article Inspection (Per AS9102) -

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First Article Inspection(Per AS9102)
Supplier Training and ReviewUpdated3/12/19
Why is this training necessary?
Pole/Zero requires a first article (in compliance with AS9102) for all custom parts purchased to a Pole/Zero drawing.Missing, incomplete or incorrect first article reports continue to be the #1 reason for rejection of product at receipt.Added costs and delays are associated with these rejections.Suppliers quality ratings ARE being negatively impacted by these rejections which may lead to reduced orders or ultimately a change in the supplier’s approval status.
When is an FAI required?
Full FAINew part introductionNew supplier or new location of manufactureLapse in production for more than 2 yearsWhen required by the purchase orderPartial (Delta) FAIDesign changeSignificant change in the method of manufacture (e.g. Tooling, Processes, Machine, Location, Numerical Control Program, Sequence of Manufacture).
How is this requirement communicated?
Confirm purchase order provisions attached to your order. “G7” indicates a first article is required.If your production has lapsed 2+ years or your last production run was the previous revision and an FAI may be needed but not noted on the order please contact the buyer for confirmation
Purchase Order Flow Downs Policy ManualProcurement Provisions
What documentation is required?
Verification of all design characteristics, this includes every requirement from the drawing including any notes.Drawings with greater than20 (was 10)reportable dimensions require a “ballooned/bubbled” drawing.All material and special process certifications (example: aluminum certifications, anodize certifications, COC’s of commercial items used within the assembly).A first article inspection report for any subassemblies (lower level items controlled by a PZ drawing).(NEW) The use of AS9102 forms is a requirement for any FAI reports receivedafter4/1/19.(NEW) Pole/Zero’s AS9102 forms along with an optional FAI checklist are available at:
AS9102Form 1: Part Number Accountabilityshall be used to identify the part that is being first article inspected (FAI part) and associated sub-assemblies or detail parts.AS9102Form 2: Product Accountability – Raw Material, Specifications and Special Process(s), Test Verificationshall be used if any material, special processes or functional testing are defined as a design requirement.AS9102Form 3: Characteristic Accountability, Verification and Compatibility Evaluationshall be used to record an actual measurement or inspection/verification of the FAI part for every design characteristic on the drawing, including notes.
AS9102 Field Categories
(R) - Required: This is mandatory information.These fields are depictedinboldfont in the SAE form.(NEW) Using Pole/Zero’s form these items are identified inyellow.•(CR) Conditionally Require -This field shall be completed when applicable to the product (e.g., serial number shall be entered when there is a serial number) or when required by the customer. NOTE: These fields are depicted inbold italicfontin the SAE form.(NEW) Using Pole/Zero’s form these items are identified inblue.• (O) Optional - This field is provided for convenience; the field may be left blank. NOTE: These fields are depicted in standard font.
DPD Requirements
Suppliers of custom machined/mechanical components need to be familiar with the additional requirements of DPM (Digital Product Definition).When design requirements are provided by Pole/Zero using DPD and a traditional2Ddrawing is not available for all requirements, the supplier shall extract, verify, and provide results of these characteristics on the FAIR as required in AS9102. The supplier shall provide a report/drawing that is “ballooned/bubbled” for the DPD requirements. The supplier shall implement a system to control the configuration of the DPD file provided by Pole/Zero as well as their related CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) programs.Refer to AS9102(B) for additional information.
What items do not need a FAI?
Standard PartsIf supplier can provide evidence (CofC) that part has been qualified to procurement specification such as MS, NAS etc.Electronic ComponentsIf parts being supplied have been manufactured by a supplier listed on Qualified Products List (QPL) for that partNon Custom partsCommercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Items(NEW) – Array drawings for Printed Wiring Boards will no longer need to be included in the FAI process. The supplier is still responsible for assuring compliance to the drawing but will not need to include this information on the FAI.
Expectations from the Suppliers
Include all FAI documentation necessary (Inspection forms (signed), material and process certifications, ballooned drawings) with the part at the time of delivery to Pole/Zero(NEW) or send electronically throughOwncloudto the buyer or supplier quality (preferred method).The part used for the first article inspection must be identified. If you are delivering more than 1 piece the FAI part needs to be notated in some manner (tagged, labeled, etc.)If your group is not familiar with AS9102 forms Pole/Zero supplier quality is willing to offer training and/or provide product specific examples of how to properly complete the documentation package.
Pole/Zero’s preference is to complete the FAI review process on the smallest quantity possible.When requested the purchase order will have a separate line for the first article quantity with an earlier due date than the rest of the lot.Thank you in advance for your assistance improving this process.If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please let us know.
Toby Stecher – Supplier Quality Manager –[email protected] Hoff – Materials Manager –[email protected] Owens – Buyer –[email protected] Puterbaugh – Buyer –[email protected] Hull – Buyer –[email protected]
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First Article Inspection (Per AS9102) -