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Finding the right mix of carrot and stick

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Teaching gateway math courses at City Tech
Finding the right mix of carrot and stickEzra Halleck
Active learning techniques
Webwork: discussed/reviewed at every sessionFlipped classrooms: videos and attached questionsExam correctionsOpenlab: postsPortfolios: collected and graded after each exam
problem: low participation
Some possible waysto increase participation:more nuanced grading scheme: min(effort, quiz/exam grade +10)Buddy system: pair responsible student with irresponsibleMake knowledge/understanding of syllabus part of exams (QL issue)Incorporation of games
Accounting nightmare
5 or 6 auxiliary tasks each session per student150 supplementary assessments for each student over a semester5000 extra assessments for one section
Proposed solution:Make students responsible for their own accounting
Incorporate into the portfolioYour role becomes that of auditor





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Finding the right mix of carrot and stick