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Misinformation -

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Partner has described your agreement correctly, but you don’t have that hand1. You have no responsibility to say anything
Correct response
2. Partner has misdescribed your agreement and you become declarer or dummy2. At the end of the auction, call the director and explain that there has been an incorrect explanation
Correct response
3. Partner has misdescribed your agreement and you become a defender3. At the end of play, call the director and explain that there has been an incorrect explanation
Correct response
4. You are not sure whether partner is right (and you have made the wrong bid) or you are right (and partner has misdescribed your agreement)4. Assume that partner is right and proceed as in 2. or 3. as appropriate
Correct response
A basic example
North opens 1NT and East overcalls 2C with:♠ A 9 7 6 3♥ Q J 9 7♦ A 8♣ 10 7
♠ A 9 7 6 3North: 1NT♥ Q J 9 7East: 2C♦ A 8♣ 10 7
North East South West1. 1NT 2C 3NT All pass2. 1NT 2C All pass3. 1NT 2C Pass 4HAll pass4. 1NT 2C (alert*) 3NT All pass* explained as clubs and another suit5. 1NT 2C (alert*) Pass 2DPass ?* explained as clubs and another suit
Why it matters who is right
The Laws require that the opponents be given a correct explanation of a partnership’s agreements.Incorrect explanation possible adjusted scoreCorrect explanation tough luck!However…..
Why it matters who is right
……An agreement can arise through:partnership experience, orcustomary partnership practice* The Director should be quite certain that there has not been an incorrect explanation given.* In the absence of satisfactory evidence, assume an incorrect explanation
Remedies before play starts
If a misexplanation has been given:* non-offenders may change last call;* non-offenders protected for earlier calls.It may be prudent for the director to take a player away from the table to ask what they would have done with the accurate information
Remedies before play starts
North East South West1. 1NT 2C 3NT- at this point, West realises that he should have alerted 2C (showing the majors)2. 1NT 2C All pass- at this point, East tells the opponents that 2C should have been alerted as showing the majors
Remedies at the end of play
Establish whether misbid or misexplanationIf misexplanation, consider possible likely auctions with correct informationAward adjusted score if non-offenders damaged
♠ 8 5♥ A 6 4♦ K Q 10 4 3♣ A Q 5♠ K 4 2 ♠ A 9 7 6 3♥ 10 8 2♥ Q J 9 7♦ 5♦ A 8♣ 9 8 6 4 3 2 ♣ 10 7♠ Q J 10♥ K 5 3♦ J 9 7 5 2♣ K J
North East South West1NT 2C 3NT All pass
Particularly at club level
Problems with misinformation may be easier to deal with than UI as the offenders are more willing to accept that they have done something wrong* “I forget” or “I don’t know” are acceptable explanations
At club level
* “No agreement” is perfectly acceptable. The opponents do not have the right to ask how the player is going to take the bid.* Director’s reponse to “I forget” or “no agreement?” – get the bidder to give the explanation
At club level
* Do not allow experienced partnerships to get away with saying, “No agreement” in common situations.* Similarly, look out for experienced partnerships who are regularly claiming wrong bid, rather than wrong explanation. In the absense of evidence to the contrary, the laws require the Director to assume mistaken explanation, rather than mistaken bid.
At club level
* Be on the lookout for pairs who are constantly making wrong bids, especially if they are playing a complex system. The Director has the right to require them to play a more natural system.





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Misinformation -