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Fasting and Exams
May/June 2018
What isRamadhan?
9thMonth in the Islamic Calendar wheremuslimsall around the world observe the fast (Abstain from eating and drinking) from dawn until dusk (Before Sunrise up until sunset)One of the 5 Pillars of IslamFasting is intended to ultimately bring you closer to GodRemind you of the suffering of those less fortunate.This year falling from the middle of May to the middle of June (Exam Period)
Benefits to the Brain and otherwise from fasting...
Pythagoras – Fasted for 40 days non stop to increase brain activity including memory.Produces brain cells which helps improve brain function and increases memory and retention , reduces stress levelsHelps to detoxify your bodyPrevention from diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases etcGradual weight loss through a balanced dietEat less junk food so better eating habitsLots of spiritual benefits too
Top Tips while fasting and going through Exams (Tip 1)
Eat a WHOLESOME Pre Dawn MealSomething that will help you sustain energy for many hoursPorridgeWeetabix,Wholemeal breadEggsFruitsmoothieFruits such as Bananas, Dates, Figs, Apricots, Prunes
Top Tips while fasting and going through Exams (Tip 2)
Eat Healthily when your fast has come to an endOpen fast with dates and water as per the Prophetic traditionEat a Balanced diet – Proteins, vegetables, some carbohydratesAvoid fried foodsEat as normally as possible – overeating is not good for youAvoid too much fat and sugar.
Top Tips while fasting and going through Exams (Tip 3, 4 and 5)
Plan your Day AheadCheck your examination TimetablePrepare your uniformPrepare your stationaryAvoid rushing in the morningDrink plenty of water between Sunset and SunriseDrink while prayingDrink while carrying out some revisionThis will help prevent dehydration and headachesAvoid all types of CaffeineCoffee, tea, coke,pepsietcIt will dehydrate you faster
Top Tips while fasting and going through Exams (Tip 6)
Try and rest as much as possibleDo not over exert yourself with too much physical activity –egrunning for the bus or generally rushingTake a nap throughout the day if you are able to before you do some revision and before the night prayerDo not sit in the sun as much - this will likely dehydrate you.
Top Tips while fasting and going through Exams (Tip 7)
Do not put your health at riskIf your health is put at risk due to the fast through dehydration or injury etc then you are able to break the fastThis will need to be made up at a later date thoughFrom a safeguarding point of view it is important that we as teachers are aware of your circumstances and if you are finding it difficult please do not hesitate to come and have a chat to us or let us know if anything is an issue
Ramadan Mubarak and All The Best in your upcoming exams!!!





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